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REACTS: Would You Go to a Game This Year?

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California v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

We talked last week about what we expected for any type of season, and about a third of you said you expected some form of fall season, whether it be regionally determined or a conference only slate. This week, we polled fans with a simple question - If there is a season this year, would you go to a game?

As I would have expected, it’s about a 55/45 split. I’m sure there are plenty of caveats for some of the people who would go, such as limited capacity and sanitation requirements, but it’s clear to see that if a season exists, people will still want to go. And I hazard to think that the 55% number that would attend is quite a bit higher among Auburn fans.

We’re inching towards a decision having to be made, with athletes on campus and the calendar turning to August this weekend. But with baseball undergoing its own nightmare at the moment, it’s easy to see why nobody wants to commit to anything for the time being.

For some positive news, the Rt has dropped below 1.0 for the first time in months, meaning (if the trend holds), we may see transmission continue to slow. One can only hope... And, ya know, wear a mask.

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