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WRNL eSports Championship: Schedule & Recruitin’

It’s almost here! The 2020 WRNL eSports Championship Series will be kicking off next week, starting with Rocket League.

We’re still looking for more players, so if you’re a gamer and want to represent this corner of Auburn and the Internet, we’d love to have you. Here is who I have signed up so far:

WRNL eSports Championship Series

Game Week Players
Game Week Players
Rocket League 3v3 9/6-9/11 Ryan Sterritt, PlainsmenDoItBetter, @TonyTheAUTiger
Warzone 2v2 9/13-9/18 Ryan Sterritt, PlainsmenDoItBetter
MLB The Show 20 9/20-9/25 Still Needed
Madden 21 9/27-10/2 PlainsmenDoItBetter (PS4), Still Needed (Xbox One)
NBA 2k21 10/4-10/9 @LecilB (PS4), Still Needed (Xbox One)
Civilization 6 10/11-10/16 Ryan Sterritt

If you’re interested in playing The Show on PS4 or Madden/2k on Xbox One, feel free to reach out via comment section or twitter DMs (@RyanSSterritt).

Also, we plan to stream all of these events (I think through Twitch). Come hang out with us while we take on the likes of Rock Chalk Talk, Streaking the Lawn, Wide Right & Natty Lite, The Daily Stampede, and more.

I’ll post brackets as they come available.