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(THROWBACK) Week 2 Picks - Mississippi State

I wonder who’s gonna win.

Our throwback 2010 series continues with Mississippi State week. After a solid victory that wasn’t quite a cover, Auburn travels to Starkville to take on Mississippi State.

Alright! One victory down! 52 points! Crow even nailed the final score exactly! What say us for our land grant brethren to the west?

Mississippi State vs. Auburn (-1)

Auburn throttled this team last year in the first matchup of Class of 2009 coaches. Both Ben Tate and Onterrio McCalebb had over 100 yards rushing. I think Auburn runs wild again in this one. State should be improved, but I think Auburn has improved even more. Subtracting Tate and Todd for Cam Newton seems like it should be an actual plus. I’m not sure why Vegas has this so low. I know it’s a road game, but this should not be close. Auburn 37, MSU 17

Rest of the Staff


I loved what I saw from Cam Newton and the offense, who knew he had that kind of running ability and escapability?? I think they should be able to pile on the points even if it is on the road, especially with how Gus Malzahn’s misdirection toyed with Dan Mullen in their first meeting last season. Adding in another element at quarterback should provide a real spark and the offense should go for 35+ with no trouble. I’m a little worried defensively, though. Arkansas State didn’t really do anything too fancy and we still couldn’t shut them down for a little while. We need someone to step up and create a pass rush or else we could have some trouble with the Bulldogs. Auburn wins 35-24 but it’s a late score makes it seem like a bigger margin that the game indicates.

Josh Black

I’m excited to be heading to Starkville for this one, but I’ll tell you I’m worried. Manny Diaz is an excellent DC and State has been known to give us a decent amount of problems in Starkville when they have a competent coaching staff. Not to mention how they all feel slighted by Cam signing with Auburn.

  • On Cam signing with us over them: We return 4 starting SEC offensive linemen, 2 of which have been starters since they were freshmen. We return a dynamic receiving duo in Adams and Zachary. Our OC oversaw us set new passing records last year. Why on earth wouldn’t Cam come to Auburn?
    So yes, I’m worried about this one. Short week is always extra stress too. Expect the defense to clean up some miscues from week 1 and Cam to struggle passing the ball some as he’s still got so much development needed. I think we win this one late. Auburn 24 Miss. St. 17

Josh Dub

Fresh off a season-opening 5 touchdown game, quarterback Cam Newton is red hot. What a football player! Definitely exceeded expectations. On to Starkville. Mississippi State just crushed Memphis, but I believe in our offense. Playing on Thursday night may have a larger impact on the road team with travel, that kinda thing, Auburn overpowers Mississippi State, 35-10.

Will McLaughlin

That was an impressive debut for Cam Newton last week but going on the road on a short week will be quite the test for he and this Auburn team. I think Auburn gets it done but it won’t be easy. Auburn 21 Miss State 17


Lads, it’s State. Auburn 32-0.

Drew Mac

[prediction redacted due to potential conflict of interest]


This is going to be a slugfest. Auburn has to figure a lot out on offense and Mississippi state has an axe to grind against our young quarterback. They are just sore losers if you ask me. Anyway. Back to this new game of angry birds for me. 17-14 Auburn

Ryan S Sterritt

Newton and the offense were electric last week, although Arky State is one of the worst programs in the FBS. I’ll be interested to see how they play against an SEC defense, even if it is Miss State. They laid the wood against Memphis last week 49-7, so I’d be willing to bet these two offenses make this a fun game. We’re a long way from 3-2, folks.
Unfortunately, I’ve got a baseball game Thursday night, so I’m going to miss most of this one. Mom said she’d DVR the game and not say anything until we could get home and watch.
This should be a fun battle of new school QBs in Newton and Chris Relf. 35-28 Tigers