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(THROWBACK) Week 3 Picks - Clemson

Big night game atmosphere coming for this one!

Our throwback 2010 series continues with Clemson week. Auburn escaped Starkville with a win, and while it was closer than we expected, it was still a cover. Now College Gameday comes to our citaaayy for a date with Cousin Clem.

Whew! That State game was tougher than most of us expected. Maybe Vegas knew something dropping the line to a point. I said “most of us” because Crow nailed the final score again! How is he doing this? He knows less about non-Auburn college football than any of us! Anyway, on to the picks

Auburn (-7.5) vs. Clemson

Little ol’ Dabo brings himself to Auburn. I’m sure he really wants this one. Well people in hell want ice water.
We were brought a little closer to earth last week by MSU, but sometimes that’s just life on the road in the SEC: survive and advance. Kyle Parker does worry me a bit. I’m not sure we can bet on the kind of game that Nick Fairley had every week. I do like that we have a couple of extra days of rest though. I think this one is tight until the mid-4th quarter when Auburn slows things down and scores a clincher. Auburn 34, Clemson 24

Rest of the Staff


Well, we took a step back last week in Starkville. Maybe Cam Newton and the offense are going to have some of the same troubles against SEC defenses that they had last year. I’m worried that the passing game didn’t really seem to take off against MSU, and Clemson’s got a couple of really good defensive backs. Offensively, I’m not all that concerned with the purple Tigers. I don’t know if this Dabo Swinney guy is going to have the impact that they want, but I bet he’ll be excited to coach in this game since he’s a former Bama player. With Gameday here, the atmosphere is going to be crazy, but I think a nighttime Jordan-Hare gives Auburn the late edge and we get back on track offensively. Good Tigers pull away late. Auburn 31-20

Josh Black

I was extremely worried about this game after what we saw offensively in Starkville, but I’ve switched gears and am fired up after hearing how the pep rally that Coach Chizik and Trooper Taylor held got the campus fired up. I expect an atmosphere in Auburn that we’re unaccustomed to for a non-conference game. But if the rumors swirling about navy helmets holds true that’s where I’m going to really be devastated. Auburn’s uniforms should never change.
I expect Cam to show out extremely well against Clemson as it’s abundantly clear we just played one of the best defenses we’ll see all year. Additionally, it’s going to be interesting to see how fast Kyle Parker gets rid of the ball this week after Nick Fairley wreaked havoc all over the field on a Thursday night in Starkville.
This is a team that we should beat every single time we play them. For all that Clemson wants to pretend they are, they would drop 2-3 games a year in the SEC every year, even on their best years, should that ever occur. For an Alabama guy, Dabo has managed to do a serviceable job there, but I’d be curious how he would do at Alabama should Saban ever retire or possibly try and get the Texas job in 3 years because those people in Tuscaloosa will still eat him alive even if he wins 2 more titles between now and then. Bottom line, I think Dabo is as good as the assistants around him. But hey, same could be said for our head coach, Gene Chizik.
We should win this game because we’re Auburn and they’re Clemson, and people need to start remembering that. Auburn 23 Clemson 17

Josh Dub

Super excited for today’s game against Clemson. I’ll be in attendance! Forecast says it’s gonna be blazing outside. WEAR NAVY, EVERYONE. Auburn is a 7.5 point favorite over the lesser Tigers, but I don’t think it’ll be that close. Auburn 42, Clemson 24

Will McLaughlin

[prediction not submitted]


[prediction not submitted]

Drew Mac

[prediction redacted due to potential conflict of interest]


[Crow was on the go this week, but he did submit a score] Auburn 27, Clemson 24

Ryan S Sterritt

[prediction not submitted]