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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #8 Auburn 29, #23 Kentucky 13

With the rest of the conference today, this is quality.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn opened the 2020 season by beating Kentucky 29-13 today at Jordan-Hare Stadium, and despite a tepid first half on both sides of the ball, the Tigers turned it on in the second half. Bo Nix threw for three touchdowns, Seth Williams proved that he’s a first round talent, and the defense gathered three turnovers on the afternoon. What did we think in the throes of ecstasy post-victory? Read here:


Sixty. Minutes.That’s what Pat Dye talked about, and that what Auburn played today. The defense was so much better in the second half. Bo really took over the game late. Seth Williams is the most talented WR we’ve ever had.

Roger McCreary and Seth took their first steps towards the first round of the draft today. The rest wasn’t perfect, but it’s a win and a cover. War Eagle. We’re on to Georgia

-James Jones

Well that played our exactly as I expected! Seriously though, I tried to earn everyone that everybody might suck, and that was pretty clearly borne out in that first half. We worked out some kinks on both sides of the ball as the game went on, and then relied on Bo+Seth to do what they are good at. I think we are still looking for guys to step up at several positions, including running back. Not the prettiest, but as win nonetheless (with some absolutely beauty in it!) War Damn Eagle!

-AU Chief

Our stars shined brighter than theirs did. Plain and simple.

-Josh Dub

This game played out a lot like we expected but ended much better

UK’s OL was as good as advertised. AU’s OL looked disjointed as expected. AU’s skill talent was superior as assumed.

The difference?


When it was winning time and teams needed their QBs to step up and make big plays, one wilted in the spotlight while another drove dagger after dagger to win the game.

This team is littered with warts but they aren’t gonna go down easily to anyone. Auburn has an offense that has a chance to scare people through the air. If the OL can gel a bit more and AU’s front 7 can get more consistent, fun times could be ahead

Either way, we 1-0 and UK ain’t. War Damn Eagle!

-AU Nerd

Things looked a little rough in the closing seconds of the first half, but an absolutely huge play by Roger McCreary keyed a nice second half for the defense. Auburn won this game with a solid passing connection between Bo and Seth, but the passing game as a whole looked as solid as we’ve had since 2017. There’s definitely room for improvement on both lines of scrimmage and figuring out the running back rotation, but those things will come in time.

Defensively, the corners had a hell of a day. McCreary, Tutt, and Simpson all came away with phenomenal games, and I’m excited to see them grow as a group. The front seven struggled in the run game early, but once the offense was able to get them some breathing room, they shut the door. Kevin Steele remains undefeated in the second half.

War Eagle, folks. On to Georgia (yeah that’s still weird this early).

-Ryan Sterritt

Through 3 Quarters: this game went the way I expected in that it was low scoring and sloppy at times. Both lines are certainly a question mark going forward but we kinda figured that was going to be the case.This seems like it will be the first year since the Nick Marshall days that we are going to have to rely more on the offense than the defense. The Bo Nix to Seth Williams connection was on point today! I’m also so happy for Eli Stove getting involved and getting the TD to put this game away.Defensively, I really liked what I saw out of Jaylin Simpson and Christian Tutt today with Owen Pappoe putting the finishing touches on the Wildcats. The 2nd half was much better as I know they had to be mad about the overturned Pick Six.While there are plenty of things to work on, at the end of the day, Auburn Football is back, with a W and that’s all that matters. Now we have to go and win in Athens next week! War Eagle!!

-Will McLaughlin

-Well our defensive coaches are still great at their job. Made appropriate adjustments at the half and looked competent to good for most of the last 30 minutes.

-Seth Williams is a freak and thank God Bo Nix understands how to improvise.

-OL may need some shaking up at left tackle.

-Might also be time to see Tank get some of DJ’s carries. We won’t be able to win next weekend with another rushing performance like that.

-The officiating was really bad.

-A lot of how rough that looked really might be the lack of a spring and normal fall camp. Could be worse! Could be honoring our last national championship team from 40 years ago with some red pants in Northwest Arkansas while looking like complete ass!

-Josh Black

This year is gonna be weird. I am very happy with this game and think there’s a lot of good things we can take for it maybe as long as everyone stays healthy and gets to keep playing. Cool.

-Son of Crow

Despite the offseason and lack of practice, I was still super frustrated at the lack of push from either line early on in the game, but in usual Kevin Steele fashion, it worked out when he made adjustments. I thought the end of the half was fantastic with the pick six (it’s still real to me, damnit!) and then what we did in the second half allowing one touchdown and shutting them down really set the tone going into next week.

Like others have said, Roger McCreary, Jaylin Simpson, Jamien Sherwood, and Christian Tutt were all great. Smoke Monday and Nehemiah Pritchett need a little more time to adjust it seems, as both guys got burned at different times. The linebackers were good once the defensive line started to stand up a bit. It’s certainly easier roaming and making plays when Derrick Brown takes up 2-3 guys every play.

Bo Nix clearly benefitted from Chad Morris’ presence already, and the three touchdown passes were a little moxier than last season. Much less tentative. Seth Williams is going to be a first round pick, so we need to enjoy him this season before he’s gone, and he can be exceptionally special if Anthony Schwartz/Eli Stove remain healthy this season.

As for the offensive line, they struggled early, but we tried some difference combos later on, moving Brandon Council over to the left side and inserting Keiondre Jones. Austin Troxell made an appearance too when it seemed like the left side of the line was struggling to protect Nix. Overall, we started to move the Kentucky defense and we made the necessary plays wih superior talent. With what happened to LSU and Georgia today, a 16-point win over a ranked team is about as good as it gets. Next week will be fun. War Eagle!

-Jack Condon

More coming tomorrow on the season-opening victory! War Eagle!