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BOOM! Roasted!! - Rona Version - Week 1

That’s right. It’s week one, because the SEC didn’t start till this week so it’s now the Regular Season and we can get over that preseason stuff like Coastal Carolina over Kansas (HAHAHAHA) and Houston Baptist almost beating Texas Tech (HAHAHAHA) and Louisiana dominating Iowa State (HAHAHAHA) and Arkansas State beating Kansas State (Ok really that’s enough) and Oklahoma State getting into a major league pillow fight with Tulsa (Cause that’s what it was). Yeah, just flush that down because, THE BIG BOYS ARE HERE! So let’s crack open the games and see what comes out!


Auburn fans have a tendency to get an eye twitch whenever they see Auburn kicking off at 11 am (thanks Tuberville) because there is a belief that the Tigers don’t play well that early in the morning. I hate it for another reason, because there are some really good games happening at that same time that the roasted needs to pay attention to! So first, let’s stop off in Norman, OK where the 3rd ranked Sooners would host the aforementioned Wildcats from the state of Kansas and didn’t look like they would have much trouble, leading 28-7 at the 6 minute mark of the 3rd quarter. But, say it with me, Oklahoma doesn’t like defense, that’s right, you guys remembered!

From that point of the game on, K State would power towel up to outscore the Sooners 28-7 to tie things up at 35 all and then would line up for the Field Goal to take the lead.

Oklahoma would get a chance to get back into it but….

There was also the debacle in Red Stick, that you probably already know about. If you don’t, Moo State beat the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED National Champions of last year with nine rushing yards. Nine. Like Ten minus one equals NINE RUSHING YARDS. In Tiger Stadium…

There were some really good plays but the main thing that you need to see is the Pirate, himself.


So, back when Coach Fran was roaming the sidelines for the Tide, uat took a trip out to Norman and played the Sooners and proceeded to get creamed by a young Bob Stoops. In that game Tyler Watts (I believe that’s who the QB was) had the most insane interception you will ever see as he was trying to throw it away but threw it straight up in the air and OU picked it off.

Welp, this one could be worse…

While that was bad, and no Joe, I don’t know what he was doing, the Noles will never be outdone! And its time for your NOLES WATCH 2020!

Florida State is a special kind of bad this year. They are the kind of bad that they will be 1-6 IF they can beat Jacksonville State this weekend. They should win, but I am not putting anything past this bunch.


So before we begin this, you have to see the ways that Ole Miss twitter had been pumping up their loyal fans prior to the kick off against the Gators.

Thanks for that Izzy.

If that weren’t bad enough, Ole Miss decided to take a page from 03 Auburn on this one…

I have to say, I respect the hell out of Ole Miss on those because they saw what they had and still decided to publish it anyway. Good on you for that quality material.

Now, on to the true reason for this post. We have seen the turnover chain at Miami and that is exquisite. We’ve seen the turnover beads at Tulane…

Well played.

But we have now gone too far…


Also, does anyone else think that this was a Kiffin Twitter idea…like completely in the face of everyone! It’s fabulous and I love it.

What did you guys see from the weekend that even I may have missed, feel free to comment below and I will see if I can find it if you can’t and make sure it gets the light of day that it deserves.