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The Official Unofficial Survivor Pool - v4.1

You asked, I delivered*.

Samford v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

I’m touched, really. I figured with everything this year has wrought, the least of anyone’s concerns would be the Survivor Pool. And then with the 10 game SEC schedule, how would that even work?

I was wrong. I’ve heard from several of you asking, pleading, begging**, to get this game going again. Well... Let’s do it!

First off, hat’s off to our previous winners:

2017 - A bunch of folks (it was way too easy)

2018 - AubieNova

2019 - Foy Onion

For the uninitiated, the Survivor Pool rules are simple. Each week, you the reader will pick one winner in SEC play. Once you have picked said team, you may no longer pick that team for the rest of the season. For example, if my pick last week was UGA over Arkansas, after shitting my pants in the first half, I would no longer be able to pick UGA the rest of the year. Week by week, your choice of teams are whittled down, so it really pays to plan ahead in this thing.

Here’s why it’s called a Survivor Pool, though - once you pick a loser, you’re out. Last man standing wins! Picks will be solicited each week when I put out an article. Your picks must be made in the comments section before kickoff of THAT specific game. There are timestamps on the comments so I will be able to check this.

And as if 2020 weren’t stressful enough, I’m going to make this a little more challenging - with nine weeks left, and 14 SEC teams to chose from, I’m going to take away some safe bets.

Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Georgia are NOT available to be picked.

So what are the options for this week? Available choices in bold.

South Carolina @ #3 Florida - 11 AM CT

Mizzou at #21 Tennessee - 11 AM CT

#13 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama - 2:30 PM CT

Ole Miss @ Kentucky - 3:00 PM CT

Arkansas @ #16 Mississipi State - 6:30 PM CT

#20 LSU at Vandy - 6:30 PM CT

Happy picking!

*I know, it’s a week late.

**Maybe not quite pleading or begging, but let a man feel wanted.