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(THROWBACK) Week 1 Picks - Arkansas State

Wait, when do we play Arkansas State? Oh...

So, in this ultra-weird time (a new normal, I guess), we’re looking for ways to distract ourselves from what’s going on. Thankfully, we’ll have actual real live football coming back in just three short weeks (and one week for some non-SEC Power Five conferences), but since we’re exactly ten years removed from Auburn’s sizzling national championship behind the Heisman heroics of Cam Newton, we figure that it’s time for a bit of a throwback. Therefore, we’re going to look each week at each ensuing game as if it’s somewhat live.

Friday was actually the true ten-year anniversary of the season opener, when we first saw what Cam Newton was going to do and how the team would begin to work together. However, we’ll still be running things on Saturdays to mimic a true in-season preview series, and we’ll even be throwing in game picks as we try to recall how we actually felt about each game as they approached.

Enjoy a little throwback as you relive some of the calm before the storm that ended up being 2010!


Here we are, the start of the 2010 season. The Tigers are in a good mid-range spot in the rankings, and we have a Sun Belt opponent to help cut our teeth and find out what Cam Newton can really do in this offense. To the picks!

Auburn (-31.5) vs. Arkansas State

Man alive that’s a monster line to cover with a brand new QB. I know ASU is breaking in a new quarterback as well, but I actually think Aplin might be pretty decent. I think Auburn leans on the running game quite a bit early just to ease the pressure on Newton. I would assume that’s mostly Mario Fannin, but I’m hoping we get to see Michael Dyer get a few carries as well. The number is just too big to cover in an opener with a new QB. Auburn 45, Arkansas State 17

Rest of the Staff

Josh Dub

I got pretty excited when JUCO QB Cam Newton committed to Auburn back in late December. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the young man since. If he can get it going and Ted Roof can be the genius we all know he is, I don’t think Auburn struggles at all Saturday. The first game of the year is always a wild card, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for anyone that surged ahead during fall practice. Auburn 35, Arkansas State 3

Ryan S. Sterritt

Honestly I’m not sure what to think of Cam Newton at quarterback. He’s certainly got all the physical gifts, but his A-Day performance left a lot to be desired. Then again, Gus Malzahn worked pure magic with Chris Todd last year, and the additions of Mike Dyer and Trovon Reed should bolster an offense that returns everyone except Todd and Ben Tate.
Defensively, we return just about everyone outside of Antonio Coleman, and while they took their lumps at times last year, I think this group will look significantly improved in year two.
Oh, and Arkansas State? They haven’t had an above 0.500 season since they joined the FBS in the 90’s, so I’m not terribly worried. I don’t think the playbook opens much, so I’ll say 31-10 Auburn.

Drew Mac

[prediction redacted due to potential conflict of interest]


Gosh that song “Tik Tok” by ke$ha sure is catchy. Would be a cool name for an app or something, oh well who knows how to make apps?
Anyway, I feel like this auburn team is super hard to predict just like every Auburn team. I still think they beat Arkansas State though. Auburn 52 Arkansas State 26


I still have some bad memories from watching lanky awkward white dudes destroy our secondary in the bowl game, but I think they’ll make some strides this year defensively with a bunch of the front seven back. As for the offense, I really don’t know what to expect but Cam Newton looks big and fun and was the top rated JUCO player last year. I think our receivers should be able to help him out, especially since Darvin Adams returns to lead a solid group. Am I excited about Mike Dyer? Uh, yes. If only we could’ve him and Marcus Lattimore at the same time. Auburn wins but it’s close for a half while we get some stuff figured out. Tigers 42-20.


I’m really intrigued to see how this new JUCO QB turns out. Auburn 38 Arkansas State 14


Based one the performance of Chris Todd under His Malzahn last year, my hopes for this season are sky high. Auburn returns nearly everyone, save Ben Tate, and we now have a QB that is 6’6” 250 in the backfield along with one of the nation’s top rated freshmen running backs, it all adds up to good results for the Tigers. We get our first win in what I believe will be a championship season against the Red Wolves. Auburn 46-14

Josh Black

It’ll be interesting to see if Cam Newton can live up to the hype. A lot has been made of what the dual threat QB brings to the table with his legs, but Florida people swear his struggles throwing the ball are why John Brantley unseated him as Tebow’s backup. Auburn 38 Arkansas St. 3