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WRNL eSports Championship Series Week 1: Rocket League

Cue Malik Dunbar

“Bout that time! Bout that time! Bout that timmmmmmme!”

Thanks Malik!

This week marks the beginning of the WRNL eSports Championship Series! As a reminder, the Series is a multi-week eSports league between a number of different SBN college team sites in different video games, such as Rocket League, WarZone, Madden, and more.

This week, we’ll be kicking things off with Rocket League. The field is a little smaller with Rocket League being more of a niche game, but Team College & Mag still intends to bring home the gold.

Representing this corner of Auburn and the Internet is a three man team of PlainsmenDoItBetter, @TonyTheAUTiger (only on Twitter), and myself. Here’s how the bracket will play out:


All games can be watched on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch!

Twitter: @WRNLeSports

YouTube: WRNL eSports Championship Series

Twitch: wrnlesports

Round 1 - Tuesday, September 8th (7:30 PM)

Your favorite Rocket League team will be looking to replicate the success of the Auburn basketball program tonight, as we’ll be going against Rock Chalk Talk, the Kansas blog, in the first round.

Let’s see, how did that go last Auburn/Kansas matchup go?