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UPDATE WRNL Week 1, Round 2 Results: Rocket League

Update: Round 2 Recap

Another win! Your College & Magnolia Fightin’ Cammies are moving on to the championship game after yet another sweep of Wide Right Natty Lite’s first team. With an aggregate score of 37-4, the Cammies are dominating the field behind Shaddow100 (@TonyTheAUTiger).

Round 2 - Wednesday, September 9th, 9:30 PM Central

After the massive success of College & Mag’s first round match, our team will continue on to the semifinals to face the host team, WRNL 1. As before, the matchup can be streamed through Twitch or viewed directly on the @wrnlesports twitter feed.

Round 1 Recap

WOOOOOOO BOY, that first round matchup with Rock Chalk Talk was a beatin’. Thanks to friend of the site @TonyTheAUTiger, aka Shaddow100, College & Mag took down our Kansas friends in a three game sweep by a total score of 18-1.

Shaddow was a monster with a final tally of 13 goals, including an ace off the opening kickoff in game one and a tap-in in the opening seconds of game two. War34Eagle (myself) added four more goals across the series, and WhiskeyDaniel (PlainsmenDoItBetter) added one more goal along with some excellent defense. Again, though, anyone who watched this matchup could see Shaddow was streets ahead of the competition.