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LOCKED ON AUBURN: Is Auburn ready to run Derek Mason’s defense?

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On today’s Locked On Auburn, Zac Blackerby is joined by Noah Gardner, host of On The Line on ESPN 106.7. They guys discuss the coaching hires, who is standing out for the Auburn Tigers, the scheme behind Derek Mason’s defense, and Sharife Cooper.

Gardner shared his thoughts on some of the more recent hires and pointed out their lack of experience in the SEC.

Gardner: The most recent position group hires of Carnell Williams, Zac Etheridge, Jeff Schemedding, and Brad Bedell. When I look at that group, I am separating them from the initial group of hires that were made at Auburn and there is something that is just a stark contrast between the two groups. One group is super experienced when it comes to SEC activities. Being able to recruit and develop players at a high level to be able to compete in the SEC. The other group, not so much. With that second group that I already mentioned, Carnell Williams, Zac Etheridge, Jeff Schemedding, and Brad Bedell, the most experienced guy in that group as far as southeastern conference experience in terms of recruiting and development is Carnell Williams and he has only been at Auburn for two years.

You can hear the full breakdown of the current coaching staff, as well as more discussions about Derek Mason’s defense and if Auburn has the personnel on defense to run his two-gap scheme with three down linemen.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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