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Two Assistant Spots Left To Fill

Bryan Harsin’s inaugural staff is almost complete.

San Diego State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It’s been a slow, deliberate process by Bryan Harsin in building his inaugural coaching staff on the Plains. He was hired on December 22nd, 2020. With Auburn still having a bowl game to play, he elected to hold off making any staff moves until the Tigers got through that miserable game.

So this process really began on January 2nd. Auburn has since officially hired seven assistant coaches with another expected be officially announced soon. That leaves only 2 spots left to fill: Wide Receivers & Outside Linebackers.

I have to believe Auburn is closing in on its final hires. National Signing Day is on February 5th and the Tigers have 13 players to sign so there’s plenty of work to do on the trail. Judging by some of the previous moves we’ll likely all be surprised when those final two names are announced.

As always, I’ll do my best to keep things up to date with the latest news.

Officially Hired

  • Head Coach: Bryan Harsin
  • Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks: Mike Bobo
  • Defensive Coordinator/Safeties: Derek Mason
  • Running Backs: Carnell Williams
  • Wide Receivers: Cornelius Williams
  • Tight Ends: Brad Bedell
  • Offensive Line: Will Friend
  • Defensive Line: Tracy Rocker
  • Run Game Coordinator/Inside Linebackers: Jeff Schmedding
  • Cornerbacks: Zac Etheridge

Possible Targets

  • Travis Williams (Linebackers @ Auburn)
  • Marc Mattioli (Defensive Backs @ Vanderbilt)
  • Kenechi Udeze (Outside Linebackers @ Vanderbilt)
  • Vic So’oto (Defensive Line @ USC)

1:00 PM Update

Took some time but Auburn has finally made the Tracy Rocker news official. The Auburn legend has returned to coach the defensive line once again.

Saturday 11:00 AM Update

Bryan Harsin continues to keep everyone on their toes. Despite there being many names rumors or linked to Auburn’s WR coaching position, it’s a name that only leaked early this morning that proved to be the decision. Troy’s long time WR coach and passing game coordinator Cornelius Williams is headed to the Plains.

War Eagle!