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LOCKED ON AUBURN: Defensive Deep Dive with JFerg

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s Locked On Auburn, Zac Blackerby and Justin Ferguson of the Auburn Observer talked about all of the different changes we may see with Auburn’s defense under Derek Mason. The guys talk a little Sharife Cooper, as well as general thoughts about the coaching staff and how the fanbase will respond to the 2021 season.

All week, Blackerby has said he wanted to see Owen Pappaoe in the STUD position on Auburn’s defense in 2021. Ferguson gave his reasoning why he does not think that will happen.

Ferguson: I just think that with a guy like Owen, you know how big of a weapon he is in coverage as well. Right? The thing with Owen Pappoe that is so interesting to me is that he has got, size-wise and athleticism-wise, there are some people that think his position at the next level will be a safety or a defensive back of some kind. When you look at Derek Mason’s defense, it is not necessarily in this spot where you have to play this role. They find spots for you. Oren Burks was a good example of this at Vanderbilt. They just found a spot and let him work.

Isaiah Simmons is a great example at Clemson where it was like, physically, you do things that normal people can’t do and we can move you around in different spots and we do not have to necessarily lock you in and say that you are a safety, you are a corner, you are an outside linebacker. I do not see Owen being that guy. Now do I see Owen rushing the passer a lot more in this defense? Sure. Do I see Owen doing a lot of different things? Yeah. He is going to be one of those guys where you see him everywhere.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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