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Basketball Snap Judgments: SEC Week 1

After Auburn’s first 2 SEC games here’s our thoughts: #FreeSharife

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

With 2 games under our belt, we figured we would share our thoughts on what we’ve seen so far from Auburn in SEC play. Auburn’s battled in both games but unable to get over the hump in either as Auburn’s off to an 0-2 start in league play. Here’s our thoughts as we close the book on the Texas A&M game and Week 1 of SEC play.

“Auburn needs the NCAA to clear Sharife immediately. There is so much raw talent on this team. It has shown in the first two games, Auburn just hasn’t been able to put it together completely. So much heart out there. This team will get better.” - Josh Dub

“This is a 2 year build to a title. This bunch that is here next year will benefit so much from the little things in a game like this. They’re too well coached to not learn from it.” #FreeSharife - Josh Black

“This was a tough week from a results perspective, but we saw the potential of this team. This year is about making next year special. We learned some lessons this week that will make us a better team in the long run.” #FreeSharife - James Jones

“I think the message here is clear: #FreeSharife. I’m to the point where I just want the NCAA to make a decision regarding his eligibility. We’re 10 games into the season now after today, and I think they’ve had more than enough time to figure this thing out. There’s been times throughout the week where Auburn has just looked completely lost on offense and yet find their way back into the game coming down the stretch. We got the game tied against Arkansas and again today against Texas A&M but we couldn’t get over that hump and take the lead in the 2nd half. Jamal Johnson has been incredible though, putting his first 2 20-point games together at Auburn and stepped up down the stretch when Auburn needed some offense. The game today played right into the Aggies hands in the first half with their defense keeping the ball on the perimeter and Auburn unable to get any offense going or into any rhythm. The turnovers are also very concerning but it’s a young team and as the guys have said above, they will be better in the future because of games like this week.” - Will McLaughlin

Auburn will look to get on the board in SEC play Wednesday night when they travel to Ole Miss. War Eagle!