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LOCKED On AUBURN: The Players Most Ready To Take A Big Step For Auburn Football In 2021

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Auburn v Northwestern Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

On today’s Locked On Auburn, Zac Blackerby was joined by Noah Gardner of On The Line on ESPN 106.7 and Lance Dawe. Blackerby and Gardner debate who the best players will be for Auburn in taking a big step from 2020 to 2021. Lance judges it.

Blackerby’s first of five players on his list was Romello Height. Here is part of the conversation.

Blackerby: My number five is Romello Height. This is a guy that we haven’t heard much about and he is a guy that I was very high on going into the season, but I said that we were not going to see this guy as a freshman, but I do think we will see him down the road. He has a very lean frame, six foot five, and I think the sky is the limit as far as what I think he will be able to do physically as far as Auburn developing him over the course of his career. He was a three-star guy, not everyone really wanted him, but it was a big flip from Miami to Auburn on National Signing Day. And I think in passing rushing situations, he has the capability to have the size and the capability to have leverage in an odd front. We are going to see more odd fronts and he is going to play head up the tackle and I think he will have the quickness to be able to manipulate where he needs to be as far as which gap is his primary gap on any given play. I am very high on Romello Height and I think he can do a few other things if you need him to do that.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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