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Staff Picks — SEC Week 7

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Alright so we tried the Costanza last week, and it didn’t really make much of a difference. Oddly enough, the only game I ignored it on was Alabama/Texas A&M, which honestly just brings me joy. This week I went entirely on instinct.

There’s a bundle of morning kicks this week to clear out for a matchup of undefeated teams at 2:30...which has a 21.5 point spread. The game of the week is at 6:30...which gives us 30 minutes to watch it before the Braves begin their annual path of breaking our hearts and losing to the soulless blue horde from the west coast. Might be a two TV day y’all. Just pace yourself

Texas A&M (-11) @ Missouri (O/U 60)

Florida (-12.5) @ LSU (O/U 60.5)

Kentucky (+21.5) @ Georgia (O/U 44.5)

Vanderbilt (+18.5) @ South Carolina (O/U 51)

Alabama (-16.5) @ Mississippi State (O/U 59.5)

Mississippi (-2.5) @ Tennessee (O/U 82)

Staff Picks