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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 38, #17 Arkansas 23

Second conference road win of Bryan Harsin’s tenure was a big one!

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Sure is sweet getting that sixth straight win over a conference and division rival! Auburn beat Arkansas 38-23 earlier today to improve to 5-2 heading into the off week before the home stretch. Bo Nix was fantastic, the defense was opportunistic, and the receivers caught the ball! What did we think about the win? Read below:


I said before the game, this felt like the most important game of the season. Auburn is now 5-2 and 2-0 against SEC West opponents on the road. Winning this one (a pregame coinflip, I think) will go a long way towards defining success in 2021.

=Josh Dub

-AU Chief


Bo Nix has been great on the road in SEC play.

Bryan Harsin is 2-0 in SEC Road games.

Receivers and Tight Ends were awesome today!

This one feels good folks and now 6 in a row!!

Get rested, healthy and we’ll see you in 2 weeks! War Eagle!

-Will McLaughlin

See my pick for this game as reasons #1 - #6000 why I don’t bet. Honestly I had this game as a competitive Arkansas team with their back against the wall coming home after effectively a month away from it with something to prove. ALL OF THAT IS STILL TRUE AND HOLY HELL WHAT AN OFFENSIVE PERFORMANCE FROM BO NIX AND A BUNCH OF PASS CATCHERS WHO DID THEIR JOB. Also credit to the defensive line. First time I’ve seen them disrupt a pocket when we absolutely had to have it in a long time. Have yourselves a BYE week, everybody! We’re 5-2 with everything still in front of us!

-Josh Black


Never doubted bo

Focused, having fun, bo nix

Hogs get spiked again

-Son of Crow

I said in the picks that I thought Auburn would win this game but we’d find some things to be irritated about. That’s probably some defensive issues and the struggling running game.

But then there’s Bo. That’s what a five star quarterback looks like y’all. He was excellent throwing the ball save for the interception. We held him running the ball until we absolutely had to have it. He put the entire team on his back and won that game.

(Also Zakoby McClain and Colby Wooden will be playing on Sundays next year)

-James Jones

For all of the road woes that Gus Malzahn had, Bryan Harsin seems to have this thing figured out. Of course, we’ll still have to go to College Station and Columbia, but I would say that two of the tougher trips are out of the way, and even the venture to Penn State was much closer than it might have been under Gus. Harsin’s not having any trouble getting his guys up for the game. That’s especially tough after you go to LSU, then return home for Georgia, and have to do it again for a road morning kick at Arkansas.

With all of the talk about Bo, I have to give credit to Harsin and Mike Bobo. First of all, Bo has been great, just flat out great, since the benching, and Auburn’s strategy has been wonderful in each of those games as well. The script against Georgia and Arkansas in particular, were almost picture perfect. Auburn also continues to do work over the past few games defensively in the second half. I saw Ted Roof’s name thrown around today, because of the bend-don’t-break strategy, but it was applicable, and Auburn outscored Arkansas 24-9 in the second half. They also played opportunistic, and were able to get the big plays when they needed them.

But about Bo, over the past few weeks he’s gotten less spastic and more polished. He was always talented and always had the arm to make any throw, but he’s progressing quickly over recent weeks. Some of the throws (MANY of the throws) that he made today were NFL throws, and it really makes the offense hum when the receivers catch the ball. These were catches they weren’t making a couple weeks ago, and some of them were very difficult. There’s no previous game this season that Auburn could have connected on that long touchdown to Demetris Robertson like today, and making it happen on the road was huge.

Now, Auburn gets to rest up before Ole Miss comes to town, and each game leading up to the Iron Bowl are completely winnable, with Ole Miss at home, at Texas A&M, Mississippi State at home, and at South Carolina. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but if Auburn welcomes Bama to Jordan-Hare and the Tigers are 9-2, that place will be out of control. Enjoy the bye and get ready for the home stretch.

-Jack Condon