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Opponent Q&A: Ole Miss Rebels

Rebel Bears got some fight in ‘em this year, y’all!

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Kickoff comes tonight with the laser show and orange facemasks for the Tigers against the Rebels, so be there in your cold weather gear and be loud! Why are we being loud? Well, a top ten Ole Miss team enters Jordan-Hare Stadium with a Heisman front runner and a coach that we all know and love or hate depending on how you look at entertainment value.

That’s why we’ve turned to Red Cup Rebellion to get us the scoop on the Rebels and give us a bit of insight on what to expect tonight under the lights!

Matt Corral is one of the frontrunners for the Heisman Trophy right now. Where is his game lacking and how can he best be forced into mistakes?

So far, he has only thrown one INT this season when he was pressured outside of the pocket, but he is also rushing for a ton of yards right now. Last season, he threw several coverage INT’s that he seems to have improved upon, so I would say it truly has to be a situation where he has nowhere to run and nowhere to pass and he forces a ball.

Corral has done basically everything for the Rebels thus far, leading the team in rushing attempts, yards, and touchdowns in addition to throwing nearly every pass. If he ends up getting slowed down, who does Auburn have to watch out for on the Ole Miss offense?

Ole Miss has a three-headed RB attack with Jerrion Ealy, Snoop Connor and Henry Parrish Jr. While Ealy and Parrish have more speed and shiftiness, Connor is your more bruising option. Lane Kiffin has a reputation for being pass happy, but we have seen last season and this season he is capable of running the ball effectively to take pressure off the passing game.

How do the Ole Miss fans feel about the trajectory of the team now that Lane Kiffin is fully ensconced and we’re more than halfway through the 2021 season?

Right now, Kiffin is pretty damn popular. The team is sitting at 6-1, and in theory the Rebels are still alive for a SEC West title. Y’all know as well as I do that head coaches are only as good as their last few games, so this could turn really quickly down the stretch. I think though the expectations were pretty high for Kiffin to get the program turned around, and he has met and exceeded them so far.

Ole Miss has had quite the ride for the first half of SEC play, including wild wins over Arkansas and Tennessee. Which conference game performance so far do you think truly encapsulates the real Rebel team best this season? Also, how’s the health of the team right now?

I think in all of the Arkansas, Tennessee and LSU games we saw Ole Miss answer some early adversity and ultimately win the game, so I think that’s the storyline for this team. If you can get them down HUGE early, it may be over, but if you’re up 10 or 14, you better keep finding points. There’s a lot of injuries right now, so it’s next man up and all those cliches for the Rebels. The O-line is banged up, the WR are banged up, and the defense has played a ton of snaps through the course of the season. It’s going to take the right play calls to manage games from here on out.

If you’re scheming against Ole Miss, what’s your game plan looking like on both sides of the ball?

Offensively, I would try to run the ball against the 3-2-6 and play keep away to hopefully grind the defense to a point where I’m able to gash them for rushing yards late in the game. Unless you have a big, other-worldly, mobile QB, I think our LB are able to keep enough contain to give problems. Defensively, I would be very aggressive and just go for it with any and all blitz packages. Dropping eight is just choosing to give up 30 points eventually with Matt Corral behind center. He’s got a little sore ankle situation, so I would just send it and try to cause a couple mistakes to swing the game my way.

How do you expect this game turns out and what’s your final score prediction?

Shit, it’s a game on the Plains, you know? I mean, what isn’t possible in that godforsaken hellscape? I’m not saying it’s a terrible place, don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice stadium, and I get along with most Auburn people I come into contact with - but damn if Ole Miss hasn’t caught a break in a long time playing AT Auburn. I don’t think the Rebels have the personnel right now to play four complete quarters, and while Corral might be the best QB in the SEC and maybe country, Auburn has just enough talent and the homefield advantage to get a W by less than 7 points.

We’ve still got plenty of time until kickoff at 6 pm God’s Time, so let yourself enjoy a big college football Saturday before winding down with the Tigers and Rebels! War Eagle!