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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #18 Auburn 31, #10 Ole Miss 20


NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was fun. Jordan-Hare Stadium was insane, the crowd noise was electric, the orange highlights to everything were fantastic, and the team played like it couldn’t lose on a Saturday night.

The Tigers beat Ole Miss 31-20 in a game that never really saw Ole Miss within striking distance, as the Rebels never had the ball with a chance to take the lead. Auburn got Tank back in the groove, Bo Nix had another great game, and the defense was opportunistic as hell and made plays when they had to. What did we think?


We’re still Auburn. They’re still Ole Miss.

-James Jones

Arkansas & Ole Miss are very good football teams. Auburn is better.

-AU Nerd

November is here. Auburn has yet to lose to an SEC west opponent. We’re in contention for the west, playing meaningful football. Not too long ago, some were viewing 2021 as a lost season. Auburn just won two consecutive games against strong opponents that are capable of beating good teams. I’m excited to watch an Auburn football game in November for the first time in years.

-Josh Dub

-AU Chief

We played a great offensive first half and a great defensive second half and beat a Top 10 team. And it was fun being back at a SEC game at Jordan-Hare for the first time in 3 years. War Eagle!

-Will McLaughlin

Auburn under Bryan Harsin, a coach who can best be described as not-chaotic, has somehow decided to scream out Gattaca! And everyone is confused but also terrified. And they should be!

Auburn football is the friend with a hot dog in his jacket pocket in case he gets hungry.

-Son of Crow

1. Lane Kiffin is an OC cosplaying as a HC

2. As @AUNerd pointed out, this team has their best ball in front of them

3. Clean up some turnovers and at times strange play calls in the 2nd half and this is a rout.

4. Auburn is in a position for November to matter. Despite the Georgia game getting bumped to earlier in the season that’s what we expect. We remember what they do in November.

-Josh Black

Auburn beat a top ten team by double digits and it could have been much worse. After rolling up 28 points in the first half, the Tigers’ offense made some really weird decisions and mistakes in the second half, but the defense also stood up and the third and fourth quarters effectively didn’t matter with a 3-3 tie during those 30 minutes.

Tank Bigsby found his groove again, Bo Nix looked great *again* and the receivers caught the ball in yet another game. Watching some of the videos after the game with Bryan Harsin celebrating with the team reminded me of 2013 with the renewed excitement of Gus Malzahn and how we felt heading into November that season. Now we’re in a similar position.

Auburn controls its own destiny for a berth in the SEC Championship, where Georgia already awaits after having clinched the East yesterday. If Auburn beats Texas A&M in College Station next week, then you’re talking about a Tiger team that might be thinking Playoff hopes. Even if they don’t beat A&M, the Tigers could still win out and win the West since Alabama already has a loss. There’s room for error, but this team feels like it’s searching for much more than a consolation prize at this point.

-Jack Condon