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The Official Unofficial College & Mag Survivor Pool: v5.11

#CollegeKickers, man

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing top three is good. Regardless of the game, skill level required, level of competition, and volume of the field, very rarely is anyone upset about top three. It means you did your best, and things just didn’t break your way.

I was curious this week where that idea comes from. Most likely, that sentiment is a result of the Olympic games honoring first, second, and third place competitors with medals. More specifically, this practice started at the 1904 in the St. Louis Olympics, the third since the official revival of the games. Instead of the winner receiving an olive wreath, the top three finishers earned a gold, silver, and bronze medal, establishing the practice we all know today.

However, this isn’t the Olympics. There’s no pride in finishing second or third in the Survivor Pool. There is only one winner here, and as we enter the final weeks of the season, only one can remain.

Don’t let it be me.


AU_Blue - Florida

danster08 - Kentucky


  • schlanky
  • Ryan Sterritt
  • War Wombat Eagle


All game times CT

Note - All remaining pickers have already chosen Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee, so they will no longer be listed as an option.

Mississippi State at #17 Auburn - 11:00 AM

Kentucky at Vanderbilt - 6:00 PM

#25 Arkansas at LSU - 6:30 PM


I’ll keep a running document of who’s picked who and who’s still alive. This will be the document of record, so let me know if you have any issues with it.


The rules are simple. Each week, you are to pick one SEC team to win their game. If you pick correctly, you advance. If you do not, well, see you next year I guess. Once you pick a team, though, you may not pick them again. If you decide to pick Alabama over Miami this week, you may not pick Alabama the rest of the year.

As usual, you can only pick a team who is playing a P5 opponent. No picking Auburn over Akron, or LSU over Central Michigan. I will go ahead and make a ruling on this now - you can pick Ole Miss over Liberty, who is an Independent.

All picks should be made in the comment section of the post, which will go up on Wednesdays (or Thursdays, whoops). Picks must be submitted by kickoff of the game you are picking.

Those who have been around will know, but a word of advice for any new players - go ahead and outline your picks for the season now. You don’t want to be the one with no eligible teams left to pick in October when everyone is on a BYE.