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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Mississippi State 43, Auburn 34

What the hell, man?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday resulted in one of the more embarrassing losses in Auburn history, and so I wanted to give you all the rest of the night before having to read more about this. Here you go, what did the College and Mag staff think of this one right off the bat?


That was gross. I listened to the whole game on the radio and I kept wanting it to end. I’d rather stand in line at the DMV for 4 hours than think about this game for one more minute.

There’s an alternate universe in which I turn the game off at half time and go take a nap. That’s the universe I wish was the one I inhabit today.

-Son of Crow

-AU Chief

Any year but year 1 and that’s the kind of embarrassing loss that gets people talking hot seat at Auburn. This is a loss that makes me question the credibility of the coaching staff. You just cannot blow that lead to a lesser talented team like that and keep the trust of a fanbase for long.

This is not a good football team in any phase of the game. It has some parts that can do some good but this should never have been a year where those parts managed to see 10 wins when you hire a coach trying to change a culture. This is a 6 to 7 win program at the moment and there’s going to be some ugliness to come up to attempt to rebuild it, and that’s if it works. Or, if it’s given time to work.Personally I’m worn thin with player criticisms and I’m tired of hearing about blaming the last staff for the problems of this football team. We’ve played as bad of offensive football as we could possibly play for 8 out of the last 12 quarters. We’ve tried so damn hard to force this defensive personnel to fit a scheme. I’m not seeing Auburn get better and we’re a Georgia State loss away from the narrative on the Bryan Harsin era being a much darker timeline than it is right now.

-Josh Black

You can sit here and blame the refs all you want to but giving up 40 unanswered points at home to Miss State when you had a 28-3 lead is unacceptable. It’s like everyone went into cruise control at that point. A lot of hope and optimism after the Ole Miss game is gone though and suddenly a trip to Columbia, South Carolina that looked to be an easy win last Saturday morning becomes a dangerous game.

-Will McLaughlin

There is no excusing what happened in Jordan-Hare Stadium today. A good coaching staff does not allow 40 unanswered points at home against Mississippi State. I really liked the Bryan Harsin hire and believed that his mentality and vision for the program is what AU needed. But today is the very first time I have begun to question whether any of it will actually unfold. He will never be an elite recruiter but the selling point is he’d get more out of Auburn’s talent. I don’t believe that anymore and it leaves me pessimistic about the future. What a crushing two weeks for this football program.

-AU Nerd

I don’t really know where to start with this. It almost seems like Bryan Harsin has been introduced to the meat grinder of the SEC over the past couple of weeks. We’ve seen it this season already, where the lull after Penn State nearly resulted in a loss to Georgia State, but these last two weeks almost look like a guy who’s used to playing a couple of meaningful games in the MWC all season long instead of having ranked opponents and crucial games every single week.

There were absolutely no adjustments on either side of the ball, and we seemed like we didn’t expect MSU to keep playing when they got down 28-3. I don’t know what in the world has happened with the team these past three weeks, but the second halves have been so poorly played and coached (save for the defense against Ole Miss and A&M). Anders Carlson can’t kick to save his life right now, and the offense doesn’t seem to have any answers once the other side makes adjustments.

I’m not going to say that the officials didn’t impact the game, because they did. From the opening drive for MSU, where they called two 15-yard penalties on Auburn that got reversed (maybe they should’ve stuck, we might have been more alert), every single time Auburn got a third down stop in the second half a flag came out. And poor TD Moultry, making a great football play gets called for targeting. Will Rogers got the Tom Brady treatment on that play, and the SEC is going to have to explain itself since that wasn’t even called on the field.

In the end, this loss sucks and brings up a bunch of questions about the team and direction, even in year 1, but at the end of the day it’s still Mississippi State and I’ll never waste a single second thinking about them when it’s not actively game week.

-Jack Condon