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Staff Picks — SEC Week #12

SoCon Saturday Lives...sorta

Syndication: Gainesville Sun Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome to the husk of SEC/SoCon Saturday! In response to ridiculous pressure from other conferences, the SEC broke down and started scheduling more conference games for this weekend. Personally I would have told them all to pound sand, but my guess is that CBS and ESPN weren’t exactly pleased with what they had to choose from out of this weekend, so now there is a bit more inventory.

New Mexico State (+36.5) @ Kentucky (O/U 59.5)

Arkansas (+21.5) @ Alabama (O/U 58.5)

Florida (-9.5) @ Missouri (O/U 69.5)

South Alabama (+27.5) @ Tennessee (O/U 62.5)

Vanderbilt (+36.5) @ Mississippi (O/U 64.5)

Louisiana-Monroe (+28.5) @ LSU (O/U 57.5)

Staff Picks