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Staff Picks — Auburn @ South Carolina

We’re TJ’s team now

We have reached the final road game of the year, and this one is a revenge opportunity. The game that perhaps sealed Gus Malzahn’s fate more than any other last year was a morning kickoff loss to a bad South Carolina team that would still fire their coach just a few short weeks later. Tank Bigsby ran for 116 yards, but that was on 16 carries...because why would you give him the ball when you can let your struggling quarterback throw 47 times?

This time Auburn is coming off of two dispiriting losses, and they’ll have to get vengeance with their backup quarterback. Offensive line anchor Brandon Council and athletic marvel Owen Pappoe didn’t play last week, and it would be really nice to have them this week. Here’s hoping they can spark our Tigers to victory. What do we think?

James Jones

Jack Condon

Ryan S Sterritt

Drew McCracken

Josh Dub

Dr Will McLaughlin

AU Nerd

Son of Crow

Josh Black

AU Chief