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BOOM! Roasted! Week 13: WHATCHA GONNA DO?!?

Hurt facilitates change. That’s all I will say about this weekend. The best part about our little time together every Monday is that we dish out the hurt. So, let’s get to it and start the Roasting.


In case you didn’t get the memo, it was rivalry weekend across the country and there were plenty of…the hell…moments. This one, however, caught my eye because someone…a football coach presumably, looked at this and said, yup, this is gonna gain positive yardage. Before you click play, note the situation. Virginia has the ball and is down 29-24 with 1:21 left in the game. It’s 3rd and 7 from the 9 yard line. Ok…you can click play.

Yeah…that’s a thing that happened in organized college football. AT A D-1 LEVEL!

Just incase you need to know what happened.

Yeah…Yeah ya did…

I know this will shock you but the Whoos didn’t convert on 4th down and the Hokies took the game on the road 29-24. I’ve seen some interesting play calls in my time as an Auburn fan…but this one would make me run out in the street and beg a car to hit me.


So, I’m from Georgia. Born and raised. I know most of my state’s history. I know Georgia last won a mythical national title in 1980 and I know that Georgia Tech last won one in 1990. Those are facts people. I can remember first seeing a player hold up a sign saying “WE RUN THIS STATE” after a Ray Goff led Georgia team won at Grant field in the mid-90s. At the time I thought…OOO Sick burn! But then this weekend happened. And I saw this post.

And it just hit me wrong.

Can you imagine Arkansas beating Arkansas State and screaming WE RUN THIS STATE.

Or LSU beating Tulane…

But Drew, it’s a P5 v P5. Ok, can you image Penn State having to announce they run this state when they beat Pitt. Or Michigan feeling the need to announce they are the better program than Michigan State (when they actually beat them). No. Because of course you are better. Of course you are the more dominant program. You’re suppose to be.

It’s something when FSU or Florida beats the other. It’s something when Alabama or Auburn beats the other. But Georgia is supposed to beat Tech…THAT’S WHY YOU HAVE A 30 GAME LEAD IN THE SERIES! Now if you beat alabama this weekend (which, we handed you the gameplan) then saying you run THAT state…now there’s something you can hold up a sign for.


As you probably know now, those brave enough for twitter on Sunday, Lincoln Riley is going to USC after telling LSU, “Yeah guh, imma do this and be right back”. How widely known was this info? Well, the Okie State DJ heard about it.

Also, and this has nothing to do with the Lincoln Riley stuff, but I care about you and you need to see this.


However, after the game, USC slid up in Riley’s DMs and offered him (reportedly) 3 Mil less than LSU did and that was just too good for Riley to take.

Since that time…it’s…it’s been rough on the old Sooner beat.

Well I mean that’s a whole lot of supposing on how Riley feels going forw…

Oh…ok wow….if the Football Review Show guy is saying that…woof.

The fun part is that USC folks remember that 05 Orange Bowl (that never happened) and want to still go at folks saying Riley is running).

WELL DAMN! That will make the B1G Title pregame show fun to watch.

The really fun part is Sooner twitter is definitely not panicking at all.

Needless to say…they will get back to us. I don’t know if I like new early signing day, but maaaaan the Professor Chaos in me is so happy with this New World Order.

Well that’s all I got, gonna take some time off and get ready for the Bowls and I will get back with yall one last time. Feel free to share what you saw so we can all laugh at the misery of others. In the meantime, be like Ole Miss Twitter.