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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Texas A&M 20, Auburn 3


NCAA Football: Auburn at Texas A&M Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn lost to Texas A&M yesterday 20-3, with nobody scoring an offensive touchdown, and only one touchdown in the game overall. The Tiger offense had quite literally zero success, and couldn’t take advantage of several situations where they were rewarded with good field position by the defense. With the loss, Auburn’s now 6-3, 3-2 in the SEC, and don’t control their own destiny any longer. What did we think? Read at your own risk.


Looking forward to seeing BP and the boys on Tuesday night. As for the football game, I’ll give a shout-out to the defense who did what they could to give Auburn a chance to win today.

-Will McLaughlin

what an ass game. No life on offense. Not even a spark. Zero positives from today.

-Josh Dub

I expected Auburn to struggle running the football. I expected Auburn to slow down Aggies run game. I did not expect Zach Calzada to outplay Bo Nix. A gut punch of a loss. Tigers have to do a lot of soul searching this week because that defense they are gonna see next weekend doesn’t suck either

-AU Nerd

-AU Chief

You cannot beat the teams you want to beat without better players. Whole lot to point at today but when Auburn can’t run the football they rarely win, regardless of era. We have not had an SEC caliber offensive line since November of 2017 when we started 3 transfers up front. We aren’t good enough to beat teams that have been recruiting like gang busters unless you have complete ineptitude on the coaching staff (LSU). We’re 2-3 years away from seeing the results we all expect to see transfer portal aside. As Kirby said last weekend, you cannot out coach recruiting. And now, you better find a way to out coach another good defense next weekend because there’s a big difference to me in 7-5 and 8-4.

-Josh Black

in retrospect, maybe the Georgia state gameplan wasn’t the one to reuse

-Son of Crow

It’s difficult to maintain perspective after a frustrating loss, where if the offense was even something resembling competent Auburn snatches a victory. This game was emblematic of what we’ve all known about this Auburn team: on offense and just in general, it’s lacking the talent needed to contend with the big boys on a consistent basis. The expectation exiting this loss ought to be for an 8-5/9-4 season, which when you think about it is actually an excellent debut year for Harsin given the dearth of ability at receiver and on the offensive line. Still, even with all of those positives on the horizon and caveats, this is an infuriating result. Bo Nix, the offensive line, and the receiving corps all looked atrocious. Credit to the defense at least for hanging tough.

-Eamon Smith

When you score the fewest points since Gene Chizik’s final game, where Jonathan Wallace led an offense into Bryant-Denny Stadium to take on the future national champs, it’s not a good day. Auburn made every single mistake that they’ve avoided over the past few weeks, and Bo Nix looked at times like the guy who got benched against Georgia State. The offensive line didn’t help, but it even appeared as though Tank Bigsby couldn’t see the holes that were open at times. Multiple occasions saw rushers come free, completely untouched, and blow things up before Nix got a chance to get going. Offensively, it’s a learning opportunity, and a shining example of what needs to be done for Auburn to move into that next level in the SEC. Someone in the College and Mag Slack group mentioned last night that this game tape should be Bryan Harsin’s main recruiting tool. Go into a player’s home and tell him and his parents that if he can’t do better than what’s on the tape, we don’t want him.

Defensively, Auburn was awesome. That’s six straight quarters without allowing a touchdown. No criticisms there, and they deserve an offense that plays better for them and rewards them with points when given good situations.

-Jack Condon