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4-star Defensive Back Austin Ausberry Chooses Auburn Over LSU, Florida

Tigers win a big time battle on the trail.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’ve been hankering for some good news recently and Zac Etheridge just delivered. 4-star DB Austin Ausberry live on just committed to the Tigers over a final group of Alabama, Florida, LSU, Michigan and Notre Dame.

This is a big time win for Auburn. Ausberry’s father played for LSU and works in the athletic department. His final official visit was to LSU this past weekend to meet the new staff and new assistant head coach Frank Wilson rolled out the red carpet for the talented DB. But it wasn’t enough to overcome the lead Auburn had built over the past month. The Tigers made Ausberry a priority early and that persistence paid off down the stretch.


Scouting Report

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of senior tape available on Ausberry so I just linked his junior season. Ausberry is a rangy defender who could end up at safety or cornerback at the next level. He’s a highly intelligent player that does a great job playing the ball in the air but also isn’t afraid to lower the shoulder in the run game. Louisiana is a hotbed for skill players especially defensive backs so it’s a big coup for the Tigers to swoop in and take one of the top ones this cycle.

The Class

Ausberry is now Auburn’s highest rated commitment and moves the Tigers to just outside the top 25. Auburn also jumps from 13th in the conference to 10th. All of that movement is from a single commitment which should give you some idea how fluid these team rankings are right now.

This is unlikely to be the last bit of good news Auburn gets today as 3-star S Marquise Gilbert is set to make his decision this evening. Tomorrow, another 4-star DB in JaDarian Rhym will announce as will another LSU native in 3-star DL Enyce Sledge.

It’s going to be a VERY busy week on the trail for the Tigers and they just got things started off right.

War Eagle Austin!