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Tigers Sign 4-star Cornerback JaDarian Rhym

Auburn officially complete the flip

Last night, Auburn flipped long time LSU commit 4-star CB JaDarian Rhym. Today, he made it official by signing with the Tigers.

This is a big time win on the trail for cornerbacks coach Zac Etheridge. While the Tigers didn’t gain traction until recently with the turnover at LSU, Rhym is someone Auburn had been recruiting for much of the cycle. He’s someone that Bryan Harsin, Derek Mason and Etheridge believes can be a shutdown corner in the very near future. Today they officially got their dude.

What I really like about Rhym’s game is he does a lot of different things for his high school team. As a junior, he was mostly a cornerback but this past fall he spent time at safety. In his tape you can see they mix in zone and man scheme so he’ll come to the Plains with a solid foundation for what will be expected of him.

He has one of the longer wingspans in this class at cornerback and pairs it with enough speed to stick with any wideout. Rhym’s not afraid to be physical in the run game and should be able to carve out a role very early in his career. I think has 1st Team All-SEC potential for the Tigers.

War Eagle JaDarian!