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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast

Ryan-less Episode 147

With Ryan out for a rare week, it’s time for stand-ins, and we get the fun started by ragging on Mississippi.

  • Is Mississippi the worst state because of its odors and bears?
  • Golf habits of the Auburn/SEC coaching lineup

Most rewatchable Auburn football games in history

  • 2004 Tennessee in Knoxville
  • 2006 LSU (even though Chief didn’t understand the original question)
  • 2016 Arkansas, eat it Bert

Most rewatchable Auburn basketball games

  • 2019 Tennessee and Murray State
  • 2019 NCAA Tournament - Kansas/North Carolina
  • 2003 NCAA Tournament - Wake Forest

Rewatchable losses??

  • 2019 Kentucky at Auburn Arena
  • Straight vetoes on 2013 FSU or 2019 Virginia
  • 2002 Florida - Ronnie Brown coming out party