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NumerAUlogy — 49 Days

Darrell Williams puts on a clinic on how to play an RPO

Auburn v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Over the years, we’ve done different countdowns to kickoff (or tipoff). This year, we’re putting a twist on the classic “Best Auburn Player to Ever Wear Each Number” list. Football is all about lighting up the scoreboard in 2021, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and review the last time a player in each uniform number put up points.

#49 — Darrell Williams, LB

Game — Auburn vs. Liberty, November 17, 2018

Way back in the preview for the 2018 linebacker corps, I made a prediction that one linebacker would score on a pick-6 that season. Sadly, I got the linebacker wrong.

This is still a great play by Darrell Williams. This is a play he made in the film room in the lead-up to this game. This is a common RPO with a pull-read based on the backside linebacker playing the run. Williams seemingly commits to the run, but he stops right in the passing lane to Buckshot Calvert’s first read. Calvert doesn’t get the throw high enough, and Williams snatches it out of the air and takes it in for 6. From there, the 53-0 rout was on.

Edge rusher Dre Butler currently wears #49 for the Tigers now, so getting Darrell Williams off of this list would requite another defensive touchdown.