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NumerAUlogy — 11/10 Days

Z-Spot scores again

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years, we’ve done different countdowns to kickoff (or tipoff). This year, we’re putting a twist on the classic “Best Auburn Player to Ever Wear Each Number” list. Football is all about lighting up the scoreboard in 2021, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and review the last time a player in each uniform number put up points.

#11 — Shedrick Jackson, WR

Game — Auburn vs. Alabama, November 30, 2019

I mentioned in the 18 Days post (that was actually wrong, but just roll with me here) that we would see that 2-point conversion play again. Generally, teams have a set number of 2-point plays that are designed to work specifically in that setting. The Malzahn staples were a throwback drag route to a tight end, a buck-sweep action reverse with an RPO, and the classic rollout trips “Z Spot”:

Shed Jackson starts as the outermost receiver and runs a “slant” where his true objective is to find a soft spot and give his quarterback a target. The inside receiver, Eli Stove in this case, runs into the flat to hopefully pull a defender with him. The middle receiver runs a corner route to add a vertical stretch to the route combination (as much as you can have one in the end zone). Bo’s first read is open, and he makes a good throw.

Shed still has #11, though he is sharing it with potential starter at safety Zion Puckett,

#10 — Bo Nix, QB

Game — Auburn vs. Northwestern, January 1, 2021

Same one from Day 17. Again, I’d rather not dwell on a meaningless game featuring a lame duck interim staff and about 25 people in the stands. 2020 was dumb.

Let’s get this one off the list quickly, Bo.