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NumerAUlogy — 30 Days

Auburn remains unafraid of playing UAB

Over the years, we’ve done different countdowns to kickoff (or tipoff). This year, we’re putting a twist on the classic “Best Auburn Player to Ever Wear Each Number” list. Football is all about lighting up the scoreboard in 2021, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and review the last time a player in each uniform number put up points.

#30 — Eric Hines-Tucker

Game — Auburn vs Alabama-Birmingham, August 31, 1996

Unlike some other large institutions in this state, Auburn is not afraid to play UAB in athletics. While the basketball rivalry is more well-known, and there’s usually a mid-week home-and-home series during baseball season, Auburn also played UAB in football to open the 1996 season. However, the game was nearly a perfect microcosm of the hazards of playing that kind of game:

  • UAB had zero chance to win at any point
  • Auburn didn’t look impressive because it was the opener with a new starting quarterback
  • This was UAB’s Super Bowl, and it was their first game as a D1 football team.
  • Even a 29-0 decision was viewed as a positive for UAB and a negative for Auburn in the Birmingham newspapers (OH LIKE YOU’RE EVEN SURPRISED AT THAT ONE)

Dameyune Craig threw a couple of interceptions in his first career start, Fred Beasley struggled to get traction as a tailback, and Auburn had to settle for 5 Jaret Holmes field goals before former JUCO transfer Eric Hines-Tucker finally found the end zone at the start of the fourth quarter.

Markeith “The Lizard” Cooper would add a touchdown for the final margin. This was the only touchdown of Hines-Tucker’s career. After picking up several carries in the first four games of the season, Hines-Tucker would have just 6 carries the rest of the season.

Auburn’s effort in this game led Lee Corso to proclaim on the next Thursday evening that Fresno State would upset Auburn.

Nice call Coach.

I’m honestly a bit stunned we had to go this far back for a touchdown from #30. We even had a false alarm because the AUfficial site lists Chris Butler as wearing number 30 in 2001, but he wore 38 his entire career. Why isn’t #30 a more popular number?

As it stands now, it is owned by walk-on WR Tommy Nesmith and LB Desmond Tisdol. My money would be on a special teams touchdown from Mr. Tisdol. Perhaps a blocked punt? Hopefully Jordyn Peters passed down his kick blocking wizardry to someone before he moved onwards and upwards.