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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 62, Alabama State 0

Immediate thoughts after the win!

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Auburn took down Alabama State 62-0 today, with a slow start giving way to a raucous third quarter that contained 35 Tiger points and nearly 300 yards of offense. Maybe it was the 11 AM kickoff, maybe we were looking ahead, but no matter the rocky beginning the Tigers looked pretty solid in the end. What did the College and Mag staff see at first glance?


Auburn went 1-0 today. Always a good thing to earn a shutout. Excellent effort by defense and special teams to keep Auburn out of danger zone before the half. Saturday is the first real test, though.

-Josh Dub

-Josh Black

Had a chance for 69-0 and put in Grant Loy. Not sure if Harsin is the right man for the job.

Also I still love Jarquez Hunter.

-James Jones

Looks like we weren’t ready for auburn’s biggest rival: 11am kickoffs. Luckily the tigers figured out how to get out of their own way and scored an absurd 35 third quarter points. There are some dudes on this team I’m excited to see play against a p5 team next week, and mostly I’m happy auburn is relatively healthy.

-Son of Crow

-AU Chief

I went to the Pitt-Tennessee game today so I’ll keep it brief. The preseason was fun and I saw Auburn Twitter got a practice run for next week with a slow start in the first half. Preseason is over now and next week: Business Picks Up.

-Will McLaughlin

I couldn’t see a whole lot of this game due to watching it from the sideline, but my impressions essentially boil down to this: Auburn has some stuff to figure out heading into next week’s game against Penn State, particularly when it comes to how they’re going to move the ball when facing an opponent who can actually challenge them in the trenches. I liked the halftime adjustments from Harsin and thought the defense played well for the most part, albeit with a few lapses in the coverage. All in all, not bad.

-Eamon Smith

I know that it’s just Akron and Alabama State, but Auburn has begun this season by actually scoring points. Without really checking on it, I have to imagine that the Tigers will be the nation’s top scoring team in the country tomorrow morning when the dust settles.

In the same vein, I bet that Auburn has the top rushing defense in the country as well. Even when you consider the competition, those are two pretty good stats to lead the land in.

We know that the first quarter was tough, and the offense definitely wasn’t as crisp as it was last week overall, but other areas complemented Auburn. Special teams and defense played well to pick up the offense when they were struggling. At the very least today it was drops, or just looking sluggish, which can be expected with the morning kick and the opponent.

When Bryan Harsin assuredly peeled the paint in the locker room at halftime, it worked. That third quarter was something to behold with 299 total yards and 35 points. Auburn averaged 37 yards per play during that period. Unreal.

I’m going to chalk this one up to Auburn quite literally preparing zero for Alabama State and looking completely ahead to Penn State next weekend. If that’s the case, a 62-0 victory during a morning kickoff can never really be such a bad thing, and the result is still less frustrating than what we likely would’ve seen from Gus. Instead of running Tank Bigsby to death, Harsin and Mike Bobo used the backups and didn’t run the starters into the ground. Auburn will likely be more rested than Penn State next week, and they’ll need it for the first full 60 minutes of gameplay they’ll have this season (and in a wild atmosphere to boot).

-Jack Condon