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BOOM! Roasted!! - Week 4: WHOMPIN!

Well…That was definitely a Saturday huh? Six Top 25 teams lost, two of those in the Top 10 while three more were one score ball games till the end (four if you count what we all had to watch). It was the closest thing to a Blood Saturday that we’ve had in a while and made people start to believe we might have an 07 renaissance in only week four of the season! One can only hope. There was also good news on a dumb Saturday that saw Georgia score 62 points on Vandy and saw the Dores gain 77 yards on Georgia. Re-read that sentence. Ok, now that you are with the rest of us, we can move on to the funny stuff that happened on a dumb dumb Saturday with THE ROASTED!


If you haven’t done it already, just go and follow WHOMPIN Twitter. They are the best, and I bend the knee and acknowledge them as the kings of shade. I was shocked too, but sweet be-Jesus they are so damn good. In case you didn’t know, WHOMPIN beat the Aggies in Jerry’s-World in typical WHOMPIN fashion.

Not sure about that tackling strategy there Elko but hey, whatever yall wanna do.

The Piggy defense was on point too and shut down anything that Zach Calzada and the Aggie offense wanted to do for the most part. How you ask?

That’s how my friend.

With a 20-10 final, that makes Arkansas 3-0 against Texas schools this year (they beat Rice in week 1), and if you believe this fact has gone unnoticed by the Fayetteville faith, WHOOOOO boy would you be wrong!

So after you get your DMWA shirt, you can then move on to the shaaaaaaaded area for the real fun…


Beautiful….Just beautiful!



Ohio State took on Akron this weekend and won by two more points than Auburn did over the Zips, 59-7. That isn’t really what I wanted to mention here because for some reason that we have not figured out yet, LB K’Vaughn Pope decided he was done with Ohio State….the team he played for, in the middle of a series. Click the tweet for the series of events.

Once Pope made it to the locker room, he would get on the ol’ Twitter machine and make some…regrettable tweets.

Yeah, that’s a rough look. He later deleted the tweet but it’s pretty much done once you hit the send on that one. Coach Ryan Day announced that Pope has been dismissed from the team making this the best “I Quit” scene since Half Baked.


‘Member when you would go to baseball card shows when you were a kid? I ‘member.

There would always be the old dude in those 80s bifocal glasses that reeked of cheap cigarettes and bad decisions and near the end of his table, there would be this plastic bin with a bunch of wrapped paper bags with crappy cards, BUT! There was the promise of one All-Star player in the bunch! And for 5 bucks you could get that 1 card + 29 other crappy cards that you already have 5 of at home!

Well welcome to my Mystery Bin kids! Things that made me giggle but aren’t strong enough to stand on their own!

So did you know that Bowling Green beat Minnesota 14-10? Yeah… it happened.

From the Twin Cities, we go to Texas, where there are only two undefeated teams after this weekend. One is UTSA who beat Memphis because of course they did, and…SMU! THE PONIES RIDE AGAIN! In a really nice 42-34 rivalry win over TCU.

I think you know where this is going because anytime someone you don’t expect to win, gets one on the road, we gotta plant the flag…

Annnd…it didn’t stop there.

It’s an easy lay up, but if TCU had put this much effort into stopping SMU from planting the flag on the field, maaaaaybe you might had not let them score 42 on that same field…

And finally, if you thought you were getting out of here without hearing from FSU….BOY! Were you wrong! The Noles took on Louisvile and that went well.

FSU would add a FG to that score but that was it in a 31-23 L to push the Noles to 0-4 on the year.

How bad is it getting in Tally-ho, you ask?

That’s not good. When the band is having to respond and distancing themselves from what is happening on a field they share with…that…yeah…it’s not good.

Next up from FSU, the Orange of Syracuse come calling. If that one slips through their hands, they do have UMASS ahead but….wooooof.

So what did I miss? Feel free to comment below, and until next week, let us all strive to live like Dave Doeren after he beats Clemson.