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BOOM! ROASTED!! – Week 1 – Coach O’s Last Ride

Well, we made it again. The sport of kings has returned to great excitement!

With the beginning of the College Football season, also begins for me personally, the schadenfreude season and boy oh boy…do we have some fuuuuun stuff to kick off this season. The flood gates are full and I am having trouble holding it back so let’s just ‘bring our asses on’ and get to it!


Privately, I have compared Coach O’s ride at LSU to that of Gene Chizik at Auburn. Decent enough first year with a head scratching loss (Troy for LSU, Kentucky for Auburn), National Title in year two, year three was a meh and now the bottom falls out. Apparently I am not the only one that thinks this…

However, I don’t remember Chiz ever doing this while walking to the Georgia Dome for the season opener against Clemson…

Don’t get me wrong, the dude in the sissy blue shirt was egging Coach O on…but the fan didn’t tell Coach O he had to say those words! This could have been a very reserved “We’ll find out in 4 hours” or just ignore him…nope, Coach O’s inner USC coach came back out and told him what he could do and praise His holy name he did! However, it doesn’t stop there…cause if you didn’t know, those dudes in the sissy blue shirts weren’t that damn sissy.

Yeah, Tigas got runned.

And if you were wondering if what Coach O said got back to UCLA…I think it might.

And it didn’t stop there…

JUST LET ME BATHE IN IT!! If this is the peak of the season for me, so be it, but if it gets better than this then we might retire this column cause damn it this is so good.


In the offseason, BERT was hired to take over his home state Fighting Illini to much rejoicing from everyone. Hey, he isn’t in the SEC so BERT is fun to watch again. For his opener, he hosted Nebraska and soon to be unemployed Scott Frost and promptly shocked the Corn 30-22. It was an emotionally hot win for the new coach who would go into detail in his post game about it.

Overly happy and hot in that Navy Blue long sleeve…BERT! This is why Auburn went with a white out…HELL! It’s why Florida went with a white out! Cause it’s hot enough in September, much less the end of August! You are better than that BERT!

To follow up the Nebraska win, BERT promptly lost at home to UT-San Antonio just to tip the scales back to normal and not anger the Football Gods and bring on the coming apocalypse that would be inevitable if Illinois, Vanderbilt (who lost to ETSU this weekened…offfffa), Kansas, Arizona or Syracuse ever get a Playoff Spot.


Where to begin with this one…So Notre Dame and Florida State had a football game that involved ESPN’s faaaavorite kind of player, someone coming back from injury. Not only coming back from injury, but had gotten injured in 2018 and missed not one, but TWWWWWOOO football seasons, transferred and now has the chance to play again. After a rough start and FSU falling behind by 18, they put Milton in and FSU came alive. Battled back to push it to OT only to fall after icing their own kicker to move a FG attempt closer (tee-hee). Notre Dame went on to win with a FG of their own and all was well under the golden dome…until the postgame interview.


That’s right, Brian Kelly went all John McKay on his collegiate football players after they won on the road at a notoriously hard place to win, even when FSU isn’t at their best. It’s a rough look and is still developing as we get away from the epicenter of the moment but man it was fun to watch live.

So those are my three moments from the weekend(s), what did you see? Did I miss anything? Comment below and YAY THE LAUGHTER IS BACK!