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The Leak: Alabama State Week


Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Last week, I shared with you screenshots sent to me by a deep thrAUt informant deep inside the athletic complex. They appeared to be text message exchanges with Coach Harsin. Some were revealing, to say the least. This week, my sAUrce has come through with more text, but has requested I black out the names on the screenshots. They don’t want these people drug into this any more than they have to be. As a Journalist, I want you—the paying customer—to feel as if you are getting the PREMIUM content you SUBSCRIBE for, so I will share these with you while also obliging the request of my sAUrce.

A shirtless Coach Harsin washing a GTO in the Auburn weight room while jamming Van Halen isn’t the image I thought we’d get today. Another sAUrce has confirmed this story and added that Coach Harsin has a vanity front license plate that says “Brylock” in the Van Halen font. According to another sAUrce close to the program, after the Akron game Coach Harsin was also spotted spinning donuts and doing burnouts in the parking lot of the Athletic Complex with Allen Greene riding shotgun.

These accusations paint the picture of a completely different Coach Harsin than the one that is being portrayed in the mainstream media. I understand it can be difficult to believe this is the same guy who gives understated press conferences and keeps everything close to the vest, but I stand by my reporting.

Emphasizing how odd this is for a head coach, my sAUrce went on to tell me that Coach Harsin “Spends half the day watching film of Auburn’s opponents and the other half challenging random staffers to quarter-mile street races.” If a staffer ever takes him up on the offer and loses, like one unnamed GA is said to have done last week “Harsin stands on the hood of his GTO and announces that ‘any real racer is welcome to challenge the Brylock.” It’s unclear at this time if the Brylock is in reference to Harsin himself, or is in fact a nickname for the car.

I will continue to report the facts as I hear them, and you have my word that I won’t bow to any pressures to stop reporting the facts.