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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Ole Miss 48, Auburn 34

Hey, at least we scored some points this time!

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

MMMMM Auburn ran for more than 300 yards, had three pretty good quarters, and lost by two touchdowns. When the offense finally starts to figure it out a bit, the defense completely fails. Let’s just end this charade.


All today proved to me is that there is plenty of talent on this team to be more competitive. These backs are really good. The OL can at least push someone around. To be honest, now we know why the coaching staff might have believed they could run the ball well this year, because this defense cannot stop the run. Especially with limited rotation and injuries. This team remains poorly coached. Turnovers against played a huge part. The surprise onside kick was embarrassing. This needs to be the end. It probably won’t be, but it needs to be.

-James Jones

-AU Chief

A bad PI call was devastating but this game was lost due to this team being poorly coached. Special teams kickoff alignments exposing an onside kick that’s likely been there on film for weeks along with an undisciplined team that doesn’t fall on fumbled footballs laying on the ground or communicate in the secondary during motions is a team that hasn’t been prepared from the spring onward to play winning football. We have enough players to beat Ole Miss. We showed that today. But the work over the spring and summer on some basic level fundamentals was missing which proved enough to be the difference and swing this game.

I don’t know when Bryan Harsin will be fired. I hope it’s early in the morning of Sunday October 16, 2022. The reality is that it may be a situation where this roster might have such a mass exodus to sit out until the portal opens that firing him now does more harm than good. Not that they’re doing more than the bare minimum now, but this Boise staff in Auburn might as well just punch the clock if he’s gone. The players could suffer for that. We’re not in the meetings…to see just how bad this is with him, and therefore can’t see how bad this might actually get without him. I’d still fire him tomorrow if I had my way. We need to get to work on naming the next AD in the next 7-14 days. We need to work on a consensus among stakeholders, including the new AD, on the next head coach. What we don’t have to do is reset a coaching market that is already ours for the taking. But I think the work behind the scenes makes it worth it to go ahead, pay this awful fit of a football coach his money, and we never speak of this horrific coaching tenure ever again as soon as possible.

-Josh Black

We are Isaac Okoro days away from the return of Auburn Basketball.

-Will McLaughlin

I spent all day at the State Fair of Texas. Had a fried charcuterie board and a deep fried Reese’s peanut butter cup topped with blue bell vanilla ice cream. 10/10 day.

-Son of Crow

Just sad at this point. Want more for these players. Guys like Derick Hall & Tank Bigsby who keep working their butts off trying to win football games. It just sucks.

-AU Nerd

I really enjoyed the All-22 view we got of Ole Miss rushing for 430 yards today, that was cool. But for real, after watching Tennessee just play balls out for 60 minutes, I literally only want to have fun watching football again. It shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t be difficult to do that, and we saw some things that suggest we have the dudes to play that way. We’re just deficient in a couple of key areas, namely the sideline. The bye week should be a good opportunity to make some changes, because we can’t get better until the problem is removed.

-Jack Condon