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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Arkansas 41, Auburn 27


NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


-Will McLaughlin

**** Bryan Harsin

-James Jones

If Auburn leadership has any respect for the history & prestige of this football program they won’t let Bryan Harsin back on campus tomorrow.

-AU Nerd

-AU Chief

Another disaster of a game. This program is cratering. The administration is just watching.

-Josh Dub

If this is the price for Baye Fall, so be it.

-Ryan Sterritt

This thread:

-Josh Black

Snap: me in half so I don’t have to watch this guy coach ever again.

-Thomas Northcutt

if only there was more support in February for Harsin, then he would have had the team prepared even a little bit today. And would have been able to take recruiting more seriously. And have been competent at his job.

-Son of Crow

-Jack Condon