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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #2 Georgia 42, Auburn 10

We have one thing in mind.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

42-10 loss to Georgia today, Auburn is 3-3, and there’s no improvement in sight. It’s time for the Bryan Harsin era to end, and we’re all in agreement on that here.


What else are we waiting for? We aren’t getting better. We have a lousy recruiting class. The in game decisions have gone from questionable to erratic. We are watching our head coach unravel. Good riddance. Have a nice life, Hars.

-Josh Dub

I’m out of energy to be disappointed by this staff. The game plans. The quotes. The lack of adjustments. There’s talent on this roster. Sure, it may be lacking in some spots. And sure, that’s not all Harsin’s fault. But nothing he has done in his tenure has improved Auburn beyond where they sat in December 2020. In this era, that’s just not acceptable.There is no justification at this point for keeping him on board. Let him go, and start the focus on what comes next.

-Ryan Sterritt

This is what failure looks like at Auburn. Getting your ass thoroughly kicked by a rival and having no real reason to think it should have gone any different. Las Vegas certainly expected it. Hell, we all did. This is a nightmare cocktail of a 2012 offense mixed with a 2008 defense (outside of the significant injuries we’ve been hit with on the edge). This is what we should be used to and come to expect from our football program moving forward so long as Bryan Harsin is allowed to continue to coach. This is the results we should expect so long as our dumbass people of influence think that hires like Gus Malzahn’s defensive coordinator are the best Auburn can do.

The only solace I take in all of this is seeing this end quickly, as there were a whole lot of folks who wanted to blame Gus for everything wrong with Auburn, and in turn think this guy was some sort of second coming of Pat Dye himself. It was embarrassing to see. It would be WONDERFUL to blame Gus this season for clear problems in recruiting under his watch that are fully manifesting themselves this year and next, but this idiot is such a bad coach on Saturdays, and has been practicing “quiet quitting” in recruiting for 22 months that it’s a waste of breath to blame Gus for the problems we have that were on him.

Bryan Harsin and this Boise brain trust of coordinators are the worst set of coaches we have had collectively in my lifetime. I’d rank 2012 slightly ahead of this bunch if for no other reason than Gene Chizik had consistent top 10 recruiting classes and 2 coordinators that at least had experience coaching in this league. There is not a single coach from Boise that belongs at Auburn or in this league. Frankly there are entire position groups on this team such as quarterback and offensive line that I would say the same about. And there are other position groups where there are so few of those guys that when one goes down it renders them a quality Sun Belt level unit.

It’s bad, and honestly will likely be worse next year because I don’t believe you can build an offensive line out of the portal. But I damn sure hope our 2023 QB is in it come December because I don’t think we have one on this roster today. This program needs a total reset to rebuild this roster, and spend 4 years recruiting our asses off ($$$), and THEN likely make another change because we will inevitably run out of patience. But we damn sure need to do some work tomorrow by firing this incapable, over his head coach so that we can move forward with an AD, and most importantly, an executable plan to hire a football coach that everyone is agreeable to. There’s no reason to wait any longer. Our People punted on this season in February because they knew if they fired him and paid him without a new president and new AD that we’d be repeating the same mistake again. This season was always expected to go this way. Now, it has. Skip the church service and fire his ass early tomorrow, Auburn. We’ve got too much shit to get to for this to linger any longer.

-Josh Black

Well anybody got any more of them fall weddings that I can attend? In all seriousness, never fear guys BP and the boys are 30 days away from tipping off in Neville Arena.

-Will McLaughlin

Fare you well, my honey

Fare you well, my only true one

All the birds that were singing

Have flown except you alone

Goin’ to leave this brokedown palace

On my hands and my knees, I will roll, roll, roll

Make myself a bed by the waterside

In my time - in my time - I will roll, roll roll

-Son of Crow

That was embarrassing. At no point did Auburn pose a threat to win that game. There were 10 penalties for 65 yards. Which means a whole ton of 5 yard penalties. The 5 yarders are the dumb ones. Your false starts and illegal shifts and offsides. They indicate poor coaching more often than not. This needs to be the end. There was no point today where Auburn was properly coached.

We’re goin down

and you can see it too

we’re going down

and you know that we’re doomed

My dear we’re

slow dancing in a burning room

-James Jones

We’re on the way to being a straight up bad football team, and unfortunately, we know how that feels as Auburn fans. This time it feels a little different. In 2012 and 2008 we were a coaching change away from turning things around, and there was plenty of talent around for a resurgence to occur with some different leadership. This time, whoever comes in to pick up the slack is going to have his biggest challenge in getting the talent back up to where it needs to be.

I watched most of today’s game while in the backyard with my kids, and it was nice because I didn’t put forth much less effort than the man leading the team apparently did. My three year old could’ve called some of the plays, and any one of us could’ve put forth a blocking effort like the offensive line did. If I was conspiratorial, I’d say that they were flubbering around on purpose, and then they’ll show hitherto unexpected blocking skills next week when Harsin is gone and they’re playing for someone else.

Let’s please just get rid of him as soon as we can. We’ll be better when he’s gone.

-Jack Condon