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Staff Picks — SEC Week #12

Welcome to SEC/SoCon Challenge Weekend, now with CUSA!

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

A 13-9 week last week seems pretty solid, but that’s bolstered by a 6-1 run on the moneyline, which won’t give great odds. As such, Nerd opened up a small gap by simply not logging into Tallysight...

Staff Rankings

We’re all getting a bit bunched up, which truly indicates that we all follow the sport, but we don’t know any more than anyone else. Which is exactly what you pay for.

This week is the annual tradition of some teams taking a break from conference play to either play FCS teams, bad FBS teams, or in Auburn’s case, probably the 8th toughest team on their schedule (yeah, I said it A&M and Mizzou). Honestly I love this tradition if solely because fans of Big 10 teams get up in arms about it every year. I don’t understand how leaving one non-conference game until the end of the year actually makes a difference, but they sure get upset about it.

Note: the two FCS games are not included since the lines are a bit wonky, if you can even find them.

Massachusetts (+33.5) @ Texas A&M (O/U 47.5)

Florida (-14.5) @ Vanderbilt (O/U 57.5)

Georgia (-22.5) @ Kentucky (O/U 49.5)

Tennessee (-21.5) @ South Carolina (O/U 65.5)

Mississippi (-2.5) @ Arkansas (O/U 64.5)

New Mexico State (+29.5) @ Missouri (O/U 46.5)

UAB (+14.5) @ LSU (O/U )

Staff Picks