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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Alabama 49, Auburn 27

We talking coaching hires?

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports


Hire him. The energy around this program has been better this month than it has for at least 5, maybe 10 years. These dudes played HARD for him. He’ll bring in NIL dollars, and he’s the best shot at alignment between all parties. It might not be pretty at first, but this program needs an overhaul and I want a coach who knows what the end result is supposed to look like, catered specifically to Auburn. Spend big on coordinators. Give Caddy the keys. And let him cook.

-Ryan Sterritt

Fought and Battled to the Bitter End. War Eagle, Always and Forever.

-Will McLaughlin

-AU Chief

Cadillac is the maybe the only coaching candidate where nobody would be upset with the hire. He lacks experience and he’ll likely take time to get the program back to the heights that we all expect, but if anybody can command patience at Auburn (something that most coaches are going to probably need at this point), it’s him. Shoutout to the players for scrapping to the end and representing his work well.

-Eamon Smith

anyone but Freeze. But hire Cadillac.

-Son of Crow

Self inflicted wounds called turnovers lose games, especially on the road. While I disagree with the call of the fumble on the punt return, we can’t expect to get calls on the road and the attempt to gather the ball was reaching, meaning we were out of position.

So proud of the fight of this team and this staff. Losing to those bastards sucks. There are no moral victories in football. Thus ends the last football season from a Bryan Harsin constructed roster and staff. What I would give for this current staff to have taken over last February. War Eagle.

Also if we’re in the business of giving second chances to Hugh Freeze before we’re giving first chances to capable coaches, something is fundamentally wrong with this place.

-Josh Black

I’m proud of this team for being so shorthanded and in an impossible situation and coming within striking distance late in the game. At the very least the Bama fans were annoyed that they still had to care at that point. Robby Ashford put in a gutsy effort as he played clearly hurt, and he threw the ball better than he has all year, while also showing off his running skills as well as we’ve seen this season.

The discussion now will be about what happened before the game today with the Hugh Freeze news breaking. I think Auburn fans may have either successfully submarined that with an immediate backlash, or it was the smokescreen we heard so much about and there’s somebody else in the offing. Looking around the land, there were plenty of unfocused coaches today.

I know the emotional reaction is to hire Cadillac, and that’s one way to handle this. Let him have a gigantic budget for assistant coach hires, a massive NIL war chest, and the support of nearly everyone in the program. I just don’t know if I could take the possibility of him not succeeding and us having to part ways in the future. These past four games have been so fun watching him realize a dream he never expected, and I’m a little sad that the ride may be over and it’s back to business for us all.

-Jack Condon