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BOOM ROASTED!! Week 3: Out in the Darkness

There was a lot of pain on Saturday. The good news for us is that it wasn’t limited to East Central Alabama, oh no good friends. Pain was felt far beyond the Loveliest Village and then there were a TON of close calls so let’s get to it.


So Gameday decided to go to Boone, NC for the App State-Troy Fun Belt matchup and I don’t blame them. This Saturday was sort of meh to be completely honest, PSU-us, Aggie-Canes (not the chicken finger place), Moo-LSU…yeah, not a ton of meat on the bones so yeah. And the Rock is awesome for football. Great city in a beautiful setting. You should definitely go.

As far as the game goes, Troy had a plan and was getting it done to be completely honest.

They actually led 28-24 with under a minute to play…and that’s when things got weird. As the Trojans decided to do this on 4th down.

Alright, so that makes things 28-26 with around 20 seconds left. And, if you are Troy, you get to punt it back to App without the possibility of them blocking said punt. For some reason though, Troy tried a squib rugby style punt and gave App a chance to get some yardage in a shorter field.

You know where this is going…let’s throw it to Adam Witten at the App State Radio broadcast

Nicely done Wit, but I am an au naturale kinda guy, how did it sound in the stadium and what was the rush like?

That’s some Kick 6 (ah….that winning feeling, it feels so…fleeting…) stuff right there. But what about the Troy perspective, you guys know I’m all about fair and balanced.

Almost a chef’s smooch, I just needed the one random Kimberly asking, WAIT, DID WE LOSE?!

And, as you know if you are a true Mountaineer, when you win, you swim.


Sure, Auburn lost to a quality opponent (and did so breathtakingly in the 2nd half), however, there were a lot of teams that narrowly avoided the snare trap of doom in the luckiest of fashions. First, let’s stop in Gainesville where USF had Florida all but snared if it weren’t for a bad hold on a tying kick in the final seconds.

This left Gator fans a little more…uneasy about the rest of the season.

In Fayetteville, Bobby Petrino did every damn thing he could to steal one from Arkansas

Sadly though, the Hawgs proved to be too much for the Bears.

Next, we go to the Rose Bowl where the B1G’s newest addition decided to take on Christian Pulsic and team USA. Didn’t know you could play American football against the Men’s National Team but I guess hey, I guess they are getting ready for Qutar. What’s that now? South Alabama? Ah, makes much more sense.

You can see how I got confused since UCLA curtained off 60% of the stands.

USA held a lead for most of the game, and was going to pad the lead with under 4 to play…

Yeah, that….wow that didn’t work.

This would give the Bruins just enough momentum to punch in the game winning FG as the clock went to zeros.

Obviously UCLA would take this as a nice win, but being that close there would be some high fives exchanged and hugs.

Or you won the Pennant and are going to World Series.

That’s all I got after this stink burger of a weekend. What did I miss, please help below in the comments.

Until next week, at least you aren’t Brian Ferentz and the Iowa Offense