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Staff Picks — SEC Week 2

Some have conference games; some have cupcakes

NCAA Football: South Dakota at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC got off to a pretty stellar 13-1 start last week. That’s better than the 12-2 I predicted, and I even got one of the wins wrong. Big thank you to everyone in Louisiana’s favorite special teams coach, Brian Polian. I’m sure you’ve reached this height on your own merits. It certainly isn’t that your dad is famous because Peyton Manning fell into his lap.

Tallysight went through an “upgrade” this week that completely eliminated the ability to write about the picks within the graphics. Also gone are the score predictions. I’m not sure if that’s something that’s coming back, but for now it will change a bit about how we do the SEC picks for the week as well as the Auburn picks that will post tomorrow. We don’t even have standings to bring you yet. Hopefully we’ll get a decent resolution to this before next week’s game against Penn State.

To the Picks!

Wake Forest (-13) @ Vanderbilt (O/U 65)

SP+ Pick: Wake Forest 38-22

Vanderbilt has gotten off to a nice start against the worst team in FBS and a below average FCS team. I think this is where the run ends. This game should have some kind of name. Vandy/Ole Miss is the Khaki Bowl, which is perfect. These border rival private schools need something for this matchup. Wake Forest 45-31

South Carolina (+8.5) @ Arkansas (O/U 53)

SP+ Pick: Arkansas 30-21

Arkansas got a physical test last week, but Cincinnati wasn’t able to test them through the air. Spencer Rattler will definitely try to do that this week. I still like Arkansas to win at home, but I’m going to leave open the possibility that the Gamecocks keep this one close or slide in a backdoor cover. Arkansas 31-27

Missouri (+7.5) @ Kansas State (O/U 54.5)

SP+ Pick: Kansas State 31-23

This is the game we’ll have on at the tailgate. The other-other-Tigers don’t have the hate for the Wildcats that they do for the Jayhawks, but there’s still plenty of dislike between the states themselves. I really like what K-State was able to do last week. I think the get a nice victory here, but I’ll take the points just in case. K-State 28-23

Alabama (-20.5) @ Texas (O/U 62)

SP+ Pick: Alabama 39-20

I’m not sure why the O/U won’t post

They can’t make this line high enough. Especially after the comments this week out of both camps. Seems like Texas is just happy to show up and have a bit of spotlight. This is gonna get gross. I look forward to not watching a single play. Alabama 59-10

Appalachian State (+19) @ Texas A&M (O/U 55)

SP+ Pick: Texas A&M 37-15

The Aggies played around with Sam Houston State a bit last week. Meanwhile the Mountaineers lost a heartbreaker to UNC on two late missed two-point attempts. I wouldn’t be shocked if App came out a bit flat after last week, but I think they’re too well coached. I expect them to hang around and cover. Texas A&M 31-19

Tennessee () @ Pittsburgh (O/U )

SP+ Pick: Tennessee 37-30

Pitt was one of my favorite teams last year. The loss of Kenny Pickett and Jordan Addison have made them a little less entertaining. The apparent shift in the offense to something closer to what Pat Narduzzi wants to run has made them a lot less entertaining. I think Tennessee goes in with something to prove after last year’s loss in Knoxville. If they get up early, Pitt won’t have the offense to come back. Tennessee 45-30

Samford (+) @ Georgia (O/U )
SP+ Pick: Georgia 59-0

Pass. Georgia 63-7

Central Arkansas (-33.5) @ Mississippi (O/U 65.5)

SP+ Pick: Mississippi 49-6

Mississippi sure didn’t show much against Troy. Maybe they show more here. Mississippi 56-20

Kentucky (+6) @ Florida (O/U 51.5)

SP+ Pick: Florida 27-27 (by 0.4)

SP+ still factors in preseason weight quite a bit. It also doesn’t account for Kentucky’s #1, #3, and #4 running backs being out for this game. I think Florida continues their good start. Florida 31-21

Mississippi State (-10.5) @ Arizona (O/U 57)

SP+ Pick: Mississippi State 36-14

Vegas may have overreacted a bit to Arizona’s surprising win over San Diego State. I think that might have just been an SDSU problem. The Bulldogs looked just fine in getting a revenge win over Memphis. Now this one does start at 10PM central, but I don’t see that being an issue like it would be for a west coast team making an early kick in the east. Maybe this one is close for a half, but State pulls away in the 3rd quarter. MSU 45-24