How popular is cricket outside of the Commonwealth?

Cricket is a sport with a rich history and deep-rooted popularity, primarily within the Commonwealth nations and other regions influenced by British colonialism. While it has seen growth and pockets of popularity outside the Commonwealth, its status as a major sport varies significantly from country to country. There are cricket match odds live at the 1xBet platform too, where great wagers can be made by punters from all across the world.

Cricket's spread beyond the Commonwealth nations was initially facilitated by British colonialism. This occurred from the 16th up to the 20th century. This was because it was a sport played and promoted by the British Empire. Countries in 3 main regions: Africa, the Caribbean, and the Indian subcontinent were introduced to cricket during the colonial era, and the sport left an indelible mark in these regions.

It is for this reason that the sport remains particularly popular in 4 different regions, which are:

  • the West Indies;

  • India;

  • Pakistan;

  • and Sri Lanka.

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In regions where cricket was not introduced during the colonial period, its popularity has been limited, and it often competes with other established sports for attention. The growth of cricket outside the Commonwealth has primarily occurred in recent decades and is a result of various factors. The 3 most important of them include globalization, immigration, and increased media coverage.

The sport through different places around the world

Cricket has a long history in the United States, dating back to the 18th century. It was popular in the early days, with George Washington even known to have played the sport. However, baseball eventually overshadowed cricket in the U.S., and the sport's popularity waned. You can enjoy a live cricket score real-time from 1xBet, where matches that take place in the United States are featured too.

Recent efforts to revive cricket in the United States have seen some progress. A modest resurgence in the sport has been observed, which has been motivated by 3 main factors. They are: the development of leagues, improved facilities, and the influx of immigrant populations from cricket-loving countries. In 2019, the U.S. hosted its 1st-ever Twenty20 International series, signaling a renewed focus on cricket development.

Cricket has a notable presence in several European countries as well, although it remains a minority sport in most. The United Kingdom, due to its historical connection to the sport, is the exception. In England and Wales, cricket is a major sport, and it hosts top-tier professional leagues. 2 examples of those tournaments are the County Championship and the Vitality Blast.

In other European countries, such as the Netherlands and Ireland, cricket is gaining popularity. The 2 of them have Full Member status within the International Cricket Council (ICC). The Netherlands, in particular, has made strides in developing its domestic leagues and infrastructure.

Canada is another non-Commonwealth country where cricket has a presence, primarily due to its immigrant population. The sport is played and followed by a significant South Asian diaspora. Canada's cricket team participates in ICC tournaments, and the country has made efforts to enhance cricket infrastructure.

In countries like Nepal and Afghanistan, cricket has grown in popularity. This phenomenon seen in those nations can be attributed to 3 particular factors. They are the efforts of passionate fans, strong performances in ICC tournaments, and increased media coverage. Afghanistan, in particular, has gained Full Member status in 2017. For this reason, it began to participate in major international competitions. You can enjoy real-time live cricket scores from 1xBet, where the Pakistani national side is covered as well.

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