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X's and O's

Auburn’s New Offensive Coordinator: The Lindsey Offense Primer (ASU 2016)

Who is Chip Lindsey, and what does he do?

Xs and Os: Auburn Resurrects the Single Wing

Auburn Resurrected an Archaic Set of Plays with Mixed Success.

Auburn Film School: How Michael Dyer gave Auburn a 25-19 lead for a few minutes

Everyone remembers Dyer's "he wasn't down" run, but do you remember the play that gave Auburn a touchdown lead for a few minutes?

The Delaware Wing-T: Considerations When Calling Plays

Gus is going back to being a football coach instead of a CEO, so we’re going back to the book he turned to when he first became a head coach in high school.

The Delaware Wing-T: Elements of the Offense

Gus is going back to being a football coach instead of a CEO, so we’re going back to the book he turned to when he first became a head coach in high school.

The Delaware Wing-T: How to Attack Defenses

Tubby Raymond gives suggestions and examples on how to use the Wing-T to put defenses in conflict.

The Delaware Wing-T: Defining the Defenses

Before you learn how to attack defenses, you need to know their strengths and weaknesses.

The Delaware Wing-T: What Separates It From The Rest

Tubby Raymond finally gets into what makes the Wing-T tick in chapter 3. Hint: It’s not the formation.

AU Film School: 2010, The Inverted Veer buries LSU

Cam Newton's signature run didn't just give him a Heisman moment, it set LSU's defense up for the knockout blow.

The Delaware Wing-T: Molding Players and Plays

After the prefaces, chapter 1 explains how the Wing-T evolved over decades of use. Chapter 2 helps a coach reach his players for maximum effect.

The Delaware Wing-T: More than Just a Playbook

When first getting into coaching, Malzahn turned to a Wing-T playbook. But it was more than just a playbook. It was an "order of football."

Film School: Lawyer Tillman's Reverse to Victory

Lawyer Tillman's late touchdown gave Auburn an upset win over Alabama and started a four game winning streak over the Tide.

Film Study with OL Coach Herb Hand

See how OL technique translates from individual drills to unit practice to game day.

Auburn ran & ran & ran & then only passed. Why?

The running game worked so well in the first half. This is why it stopped.

Jeremy Johnson does a Nick Marshall impression

Quarterback runs, pop passes, and deep bombs had Jeremy Johnson looking like Nick Marshall.

AU's Hot Start and the Tweaks that Made it Work

Jeremy Johnson led the Tigers to an opening-drive touchdown at Texas A&M. These two adjustments made it all too easy.

The Playbook Continues to Creep Open

With so many young players on the field at any given time, Malzahn has had to go back to the basics. But he's starting to open things up.

Familiar Faces in Brand New Places

Auburn asked some guys to play in some new positions and roles. The creativity helped the Tigers beat the Kentucky Wildcats.

Breaking Down the Film with some help from Vine

Auburn ran new Wildcat plays, got a big gain with the zone read, and finished the game with sack.

Now that's a Johnson Package: AU Runs Wildcat

Kerryon Johnson played the Wildcat role in Auburn's game against San Jose State. Oh, and Jeremy Johnson was on the field too.

Red Zone Woes: Why?

Auburn didn't fare well in the red zone. What was holding them back?

Half-Baked Ideas on Auburn's Half-Baked Offense

What are they even trying to do? What am I even trying to write about? Nothing makes sense!

Put JJ in "better situations?" What's that mean?

Gus Malzahn repeatedly said he has to help put Jeremy Johnson in better situations. What exactly did he mean by that?

What was Jeremy Johnson Thinking???

What was going through the Auburn quarterback's head when he threw those picks?

Intro to the Muschamp Defense Part 2: The Blitz

Examining the Muschamp Defense a bit more.

Throwing on the Move: Rollouts and Naked Bootlegs

Rollouts and Bootlegs give Auburn's quarterback some advantages he just can't get in the pocket.

Flood Concepts: How LittleRock is Supposed to Work

The Miracle in Jordan-Hare wasn't really a Hail Mary. It was a designed play that didn't quite go as planned. We're all glad it worked out, but here's how it's supposed to go.

Intro to the Coach BOOM Defense: Part 1, The Buck

Have you been enjoying the offensive Xs and Os posts that WarRoomEagle has been doing? Well now Tuco is here to give you something you've probably been wanting: a look at the Muschamp Defense

Outrunning Linebackers Through the Air

Gus Malzahn uses speedy routes through the heart of the defense to pick on opposing linebackers.

Short Throws vs. Soft Coverage

With the same look as Four Verts, Auburn can also play ball control with short passes.

Going Deep with Four Verticals

When Auburn wants to hit a big play, outnumbering the defense deep is a good way to do it.

WHEEL ROUTE. Picking on the Cornerback: Part 2

Auburn has two more plays to pick on the cornerback. One of them is a fan favorite.


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