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X's and O's

Picking on the Cornerback: Part 1

Two of Auburn's basic pass plays force the cornerback to cover two receivers. He can't.

The "Route" is On

Receivers run very specific paths to find open grass among the secondary. These are the routes Auburn's receivers use.

Featured Fanshot

Gus Breaks Down 2011 Alabama Defense

Following up on this week's excellent @WarRoomEagle article on how to recognize defensive coverage, here's a video of how Gus Malzahn planned to attack the great 2011 Alabama defense. In the film, Gus walks through how Auburn recognized Alabama's coverage and blitzes to minimize the chance of negative plays.

Defensive Coverage Recognition

Every defense has a strength. Every defense has a weakness. The quarterback needs to know what the defense is doing so he can avoid its strengths and attack its weakness. This is how he does it.

This stream has:

Auburn Xs and Os Articles

Breaking down just what Auburn's offense and defenses do and exactly how they do it.

Every Auburn Pop Pass from 2013 to 2014

And now that the change to the Ineligible Downfield rule has been tabled look for more next season.

The Football Rules Committee, Auburn, and You

More rules might be changing before next season kicks off. How might they affect Auburn? How might they affect you?

Ineligble. Receivers. Downfield.

The Rules Committee is looking to slow down rule-bending offenses by tightening the rules. Why won't they just enforce the rule they have?

2015 Outback Bowl: Anatomy of a Trick Play

A controversial play call in overtime doomed the Tigers' hopes of winning the 2015 Outback Bowl. What was Gus Malzahn thinking?

Wisconsin Film Study: MelGor's coming!

Tuco looks at the Badger's offense

Auburn Struggles in the Red Zone

The Tigers had been so good in the red zone, but something just didn't click in the 2014 Iron Bowl.

Auburn, It's Time to Show Your Cards

If Auburn has kept any part of its offense hidden, tomorrow would be a great time to unveil it.

Who Can Stop this Offense?

Auburn's own prowess kept it in the game and its own mistakes took it out.

Xs and Os: How Auburn Reclaimed the Lead

Auburn scored on three straight possessions in the second half. Here's how the second and third ones happened.

Xs and Os: Improvisation Can Be Your Friend

A good offense has success when a play works like it should. A great offense finds success even when the play breaks down.

X's and O's: Multiple Ways to Attack the Perimeter

During the bye week, Auburn focused on attacking the defense by going wide instead of up the middle. It worked very, very well against South Carolina.

Brandon Fulse's Big Day

When a defense reacts too strongly to a play. Auburn's offense will make it pay by coming right back with a counter.

SC Offense Preview: An Old Ball Coach's New Tricks

Tuco looks at how Spurrier offense looks today and how it is different from the Fun-N-Gun of his Florida days.

Quality Perimeter Blocking --> Successful Sweeps

If Auburn is going to continue to run outside, it better find a way to consistently take corners, safeties and linebackers out of the play.

Auburn's Unusual Red Zone Struggle

Auburn was perfect in the Red Zone with more touchdowns than field goals going into the MSU game. What happened to change that?

MSU Offensive Preview

Yup looks at Mississippi State's offense and how Auburn will try to defend it.

Somebody's Found A Defense

Tuco breaks down how Auburn has been able to contain mobile quarterbacks. This is important information for Auburn fans' psyche going into this weekend.

Ain't Nothing But a High School Offense, PAAAAWWWL

Clearly, Gus Malzhan knows how to run an offense in the SEC, but he still likes to throw in some special plays to keep defenses on their toes.

Film Study: LSU's offense

Let's look at what LSU does on offense and how Auburn might defend them.

Can Auburn Pass to Set Up the Run?

The best way to jump start the running game is to flip the typical Auburn script and pass first, then run. That's what Mississippi State did to LSU.

Film Study: How to win without being perfect

Auburn didn't play it's best game last Thursday and Kansas State had a effective defensive plan, but the Tigers were able to execute well enough when needed to overcome their mistakes.

Auburn's Defense Was Kinda Hot

Tuco examines some defensive things from last night's game.

K-State Offense: A Spread Power I?

Tuco examines the offensive prowess of the Kansas State Wildcats

Putting the Spartans on Their Heels

With their first three possessions, the Tigers ran from a 4-wide formation, passed from a 3-back formation, and HUNH'd as fast as I've seen.

Film Study: AU Defense vs SJSU Offense

Tuco examines Auburn's performance vs SJSU on the defensive side of the ball.

San Jose State Makes People Look Bad: Film Study

Tuco shows why SJSU's offense is something that Tiger fans should not overlook.

New Offensive Strategies for 2014

The offense was as effective as it was in mid-2013, but it used some new plays and formations to accomplish that.


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