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X's and O's

What Went Wrong in 1st Half? Defense X's and O's

Tuco details what Arkansas did in the first half against Auburn and how Auburn adjusted.

Arkansas Fight Breaks Down The Razorback X's & O's

WarRoomEagle asked about Arkansas' improvement at the end of last season, the new defensive coordinator, and more.

When a No-Huddle Team Actually Huddles

When a No-Huddle team like Auburn actually huddles, it's still Hurry-Up, it looks strange, and it usually leads to a big play.

When Arkansas Has the Ball

A Review of Last Year and Preview for Saturday

How Auburn Moves the Ball Through the Air

The Tigers had one of the best ground attacks this year. Malzahn and Lashlee hope to balance it out this year with plenty of passing. Having a second-year quarterback and a deep receiving corps won't hurt.

How Malzahn Spices Up the Running Game

Auburn may focus on only three major running plays, but with so many options, fakes and blockers coming from every direction, defenses can hardly keep up.

Buck Yeah! WarRoomEagle diagrams the Buck Sweep

When defenders start squeezing inside to stop the run up the middle, the Buck Sweep gets the ball around them instead of through them.

Spread? Nope. Gus' Powerful Downhill Running Game

If the Inside Zone is designed to spread and shred the defense, the Power and Counter are designed to obliterate one side of it with laser focus. WarRoom Eagle continues the X's and O's coverage by explaining the Power and Counter.

Auburn's Most Basic Run Play: The Inside Zone

WarRoom Eagle explains the rules and techniques for the Inside Zone, a play that Auburn used as a building block for the entire offense. This play has to work before reads and fakes are added to the playbook.

Why Does the Defense Look Like That?

Tuco details why defenses look the way they do as a result of how offenses attack them.

An Explanation of Gus Malzahn's Crazy Formations

WarRoomEagle continues our Xs and Os efforts with a discussion of the Auburn formations. It might look like a new-age offense, but its roots go back 40, 80, and even 100 years.

A Primer Into the Madness of the Gus Malzahn HUNH

WarRoomEagle continues our Xs and Os efforts with a discussion of some of the basics of Gus Malzahn's HUNH offense. There's a reason I (Walt) nicknamed him "Gustav the Mad Scientist of Football" on TheAuburner when he was hired as OC in 2009.

Defense Defined

Tuco gives us a base of knowledge from which we can all develop a deeper understanding of Auburn's 4-2-5 defense.

Tuco Details Auburn's 4-2-5

Longtime commenter, new contributor Tuco gives us an introduction to Ellis Johnson's defense.

Getting to know the 'Noles: Jernigan and Edwards

Two defensive linemen in particular will do their best to slow Auburn's running game.

Getting to know the 'Noles: The receiving corps

The Seminoles' top four receivers each have their own way of moving the ball for their offense.

Getting to know the 'Noles: Lamarcus Joyner

Joyner has become a pass rushing threat since his move from safety to cornerback.

Getting to know the 'Noles: Running game

The Seminoles running game is most effective once a defense is desperate to stop the pass.

Film study: SEC Championship Game

Three drives in the middle of the third quarter marked the turning point in the SEC title game.

Film study: Missouri defense

Auburn is at its best when it carries the ball on the ground, but Missouri's defense -- particularly, the defensive line -- is incredibly good at stopping the run.

Film study: Missouri offense

Missouri's offense is perhaps the most "authentic" spread offense Auburn has seen this season.

Film study: Packaged plays vs. 'Bama

The winning touchdown was a play for the ages, but this Auburn victory was not a fluke. The Tigers were able to use pace and packaged plays to move the ball against the Alabama defense.

Film study: The 'Bama D

Alabama has a suffocating base defense, but an "anti-spread" adjustment makes it versatile as well.

Why did Auburn's 2nd-half D falter?

The Auburn defense was suffocating for one quarter, and was still good throughout the middle of the game, but Georgia made adjustments by the fourth quarter to come back from a 20-point deficit.

Film study: Feast and famine

In three quarters, Georgia forced Auburn to punt only once as the Tigers built a 20-point lead. In the fourth quarter, Georgia forced two three-and-outs and gained its first lead of the game. Of course, The Play changed all of that.

Film study: Tigers' balance and stopping the run

Just how unbalanced is the Auburn offense, and will it be forced to put the ball in the air when facing the Georgia defense?

Film study: Nick Marshall vs. Joshua Dobbs

A big day could be in store for Auburn's quarterback, while Tennessee's backup-turned-starter is still climbing the learning curve.

Film study: Auburn's vanilla playbook

Auburn was up only 14-3 at halftime, and the game felt close when Arkansas pulled to within 11 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. In the end, Auburn was able to get an 18-point victory and only had to use some its most basic plays.

Breaking down the 'swinging gate'

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema wants to know how Auburn's 2-point conversions work. If you see him, just send him this way.

X's and O's breakdown: Johnson's success vs. FAU

After getting his first start against Western Carolina, Jeremy Johnson played in relief of an injured Nick Marshall against Florida Atlantic. Everyone loves his deep ball, and rightfully so, but he showed his potential with the intermediate passes, t

Auburn 45, Texas A&M 41: X's and O's breakdown

The Tigers had 13 offensive drives against the Aggies and scored on seven of them. Each scoring drive had at least one play that ultimately determined the result. These are those plays.

X's and O's breakdown: Auburn at Texas A&M

With one of the most prolific offenses in the nation, Texas A&M is proof that all an offense needs to be successful is an extreme offensive philosophy balanced with a few defensive constraints and an all-time quarterback to run it all. Yeah, that's i


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