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Auburn AD Jay Jacobs' open letter to fans regarding the Bruce Pearl hire

Jacobs is ready to see Auburn win.

Todd Van Emst/Auburn University photo

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs wrote an open letter to fans shortly after hiring Bruce Pearl to take over the Auburn basketball program. The letter in its entirety, via

When I made the decision to move our basketball program in a new direction, I pledged to find a coach who will lead a turnaround. I promised to hire the coach who will give our student-athletes a chance to succeed on the court and in the classroom.

We found our man in Coach Bruce Pearl. We needed a leader who will bring passion and energy to our program, and Coach Pearl fit the mold better than anyone.

We found a coach who agrees with me - it's time to win.

With this hire, the bar has been raised for Auburn basketball. Coach Pearl is a proven winner. He will work tirelessly to generate excitement for our program, and his track record says he will succeed.

As you no doubt know, Coach Pearl was removed from coaching for three years after an NCAA infractions case that occurred at his previous job.

After looking at the case and talking to Coach Pearl face to face, I am convinced without a doubt that he has learned from his mistake.

I've thought about this a great deal, and obviously so has Coach Pearl. I believe people who are genuine and sincere deserve second chances. If I did not believe Coach Pearl's apologies were sincere and heartfelt, I would not have even considered him.

I believe his apology was heartfelt and his remorse is real. I believe people deserve a chance for redemption when they admit their mistakes, and that is why I hired him.

This is a great day for Auburn. I believe you will enjoy getting to know Coach Pearl, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the future of Auburn basketball has never been brighter.

Thank you for your support. God Bless and War Eagle!

Jay Jacobs

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