College Football Playoff Expands To 12 Teams


There are about a thousand hot-blooded arguments on both sides on the coming College Football Playoff expansion, from critiques on the number of teams to the idea of Georgia curb stomping Liberty 65-0 in the first round. As tempers flare one thing remains constant - change is coming and it will be here sooner than you think.

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Hugh Freeze Remembers Mike Leach's Uncommon Coaching Quality


In anticipation of Auburn hosting Mississippi State in an upcoming Saturday afternoon match, Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze was queried about his personal "Mike Leach story." This inquiry comes as no surprise since Mike Leach, the former coach of Mississippi State, left an indelible mark on the college football world before his unexpected passing on December 12, 2022, at the age of 61 due to complications from a heart condition. During the interview on Thursday night, Freeze disclosed that he and Leach weren't particularly close, and they had limited interaction. He mentioned, "Coach Leach and I, we weren't real close. I didn't get to know him. But I think everybody that was in college football had a Leach story." Freeze, who coached at Liberty while Leach was at Mississippi State, and Leach's tenure at Washington State while Freeze was at Ole Miss, seldom crossed paths. Nevertheless, Freeze did have one memorable interaction with Leach, which he recounted during Auburn's Tiger Talk radio show.

Freeze Talks Thorne


"I thought he threw it really well, but we missed about five deep shots that were there. It was just a hair overthrown or underthrown. But it's really close, and the ball looks good coming off his hands. We're going to complete all those in a week's time." -Hugh Freeze

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For sale if anyone’s interested


Autographed draft helmet from 2005. Encased and clean @99for_netta if anyone is interested.

Allen Green addressing recent events


transcript (thanks to "Like many of you, my wife and my kids and myself sit and watch the news and scratch our heads and wonder how we can have an impact on what’s going on in the world, particularly in our country. The only thing I can think of is ‘follow your north star,’ and for us in our athletics department, our north star and our guiding light continues to be to educate, develop, support our student-athletes at any opportunity. This is certainly a time where they need our guidance. "In these moments we find ourselves in today provide a unique and extraordinary opportunity. Even in times in a health pandemic, a financial crisis and civil unrest, we must continue to guide our young people and help them to be leaders of tomorrow; we even need them to be leaders of today. I started thinking about, you don’t need to shout to be heard, but if others aren’t listening, frustration will certainly ensue. "So, my simple advice is: Listen to your neighbor. Take the opportunity to hear somebody out. Just listen. Care enough to engage in others who aren’t like you, who may have a different perspective on life, who may see the world through a different lens, and be OK knowing that their differences — you have to welcome them. I know some conversations are uncomfortable, but this discomfort allows us to grow through acknowledgement and empathy. At Auburn, our student-athletes, they deserve to have a safe space to be heard. All people deserve to have a safe space to be heard so that we can learn and grow and make a difference. "After speaking to our head coaches, we will certainly recommit ourselves to processing these challenging times and to channel our energies into positive, constructive action. I’ll certainly admit, being a leader under these unique circumstances is difficult, and we must handle all these things delicately and authentically. I guess, rest assured, know that our Auburn family and our athletics family will extend grace and forgiveness and will also demand decency. We will demand dignity and we will demand respect for all, and together we will find a way to use our influence for good. "Nelson Mandela often quoted, and I’ll have to read this: ‘Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sports can create hope where there was once only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the faces of all types of discrimination. Sport is a game of lovers, and we have to love each other right now.’ We believe in all these things, because we believe the Auburn creed, and I encourage everyone out there to join us so we can demonstrate to the world that we’re better when we’re united versus being apart. War Eagle."

Auburn's o-line continues to struggle


Herrb Hand his men are having a rough time which coincides with Herb's record at Tulsa, Vanderbilt, and Penn State. We loved his personality at Penn State. We did not love the results of the line.

Auburn Signee JaTarvious Whitlow's Amazing Honey Bun Announcement Ceremony


JaTarvious Whitlow was a surprise signee this morning for Auburn. The Auburn offer and choice of the Tigers was obviously a surprise to everyone else, there, too.

Josh Bynes resigning with Lions


After the trade they made today, it looks like he is being signed back on. As a Lions fan and Auburn fan, this makes me happy

Good piece with some insight from former Malzahn qb Ryan Aplin


Gives Aplin's take on what Gus was thinking with the plan last week. It also goes into some aspects of how Malzahn is as a coach. Liked the read.

I didn't know Mike Horton's major was this...


Either that or didn't remember. There is not much of substance in the whole vid but did find their section of the "academic spotlight" interesting as it was on Mike Horton. I didn't know/remember Mike Horton was in Mechanical Engineering. Imagine he'll be well set if he finishes that if football does not turn into a career for him.