Bruce Pearl Sends an Open Letter to the Auburn Students


Coach Pearl wants the students to be loud and rowdy. Will the Jungle respond?

California Elementary School Sends Request to The Plainsman


What say you, Auburn folks? Help the kid out? I may see what kind of recruiting swag from the ROTC Departmemt we can send out there, myself.

Antoine Mason Will Be Available Today Against UGA


He will not start, but Mason will be available to play after being with his father for the past few days.

Planting the Toomer's Oaks


Happy Valentine's Day, Auburn. Your heart is being returned to you.

Auburn Baseball Opening Weekend Series Infographic


Kevin has you covered for the quick and easy info about this weekend's first baseball games.

New Toomer's Oaks Are On the Way!


Auburn University's official Twitter account tweeted this picture of one of the new "Auburn Oaks" (they'll always be "Toomer's Oaks" to me) being loaded on a flatbed for transport. If you're an Auburn fan and see these making the trip from South Carolina, send us pictures!

Gus Malzahn plays Galaga, goes to Waffle House


How much more awesome can Gus Malzahn get? The man celebrates at Waffle House. He has a Galaga arcade game. He is just all around awesome.

Auburn DB Kalvaraz Bessent Leaves the Team.


Bessent was in the doghouse from the start of his career at Auburn. He was a part of last year's big recruiting class of DBs, but was arrested on marijuana charges shortly after signing with the Tigers. He redshirted during the 2014 season. His departure from the team puts Auburn at 85 scholarship players.

National Signing Day 2015: Auburn signees' done by Chris Berman


Kevin Ives (@AUPPL) is a treasure and put these together. It's awesome.