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Auburn football: Tigers' 2013 BCS title will pay big winnings

Want to make a ton of money? Just bet on Auburn to win this season's national championship.

Christian Petersen

It's May, which means its time for college football fans to begin feeling the withdrawals taking hold. Spring practice and spring "games" are done, and there won't be any real, on-field news for a few months. It's time to embark on the daily struggle of finding enough content to fill our football-less time -- not as bad as late July, when we'll be watching three-year-old MAC games on ESPNU at 3 a.m., but pretty bad.

While perusing odds-making site Oddshark -- strictly for entertainment purposes and not for gambling information, of course -- we noticed Auburn is currently facing +20,000 odds for the 2013 BCS title, according to sportsbook Bovada.* We're no gambling geniuses, but supposedly, that line means when Auburn wins this season's national championship, a $100 bet on the Tigers will pay $20,000.

That's easy money!

Hey, Gus is back, Ellis Johnson is bringing his fancy 4-2-5 defense and the Tigers have a roster full of four- and five-star talent that was just waiting to be developed under the old regime. Georgia and Alabama play at Jordan-Hare Stadium this year, and the toughest road games are at LSU (Les Miles will probably screw up clock management and cost his team the game; mmhmm, yep.) and Texas A&M (Johnny Football? More like JOHNNY NCAA VIOLATIONS SUSPENDED FOR PARTYING TOO MUCH, RIGHT?). Basically, everything's falling into place for Auburn's second national championship in four seasons.**

And hey, as faithful College and Mag supporter JoshDub points out, 5Dimes has set the line for Auburn's season-opening game against Washington State. Believe it or not, the Tigers are favored by 12. GO BET ON THAT, TOO.

So let's all pool our money, Tiger fans. With our winnings, we can create a bagman the likes of which the world has never seen.

*Admittedly, the odds were originally posted shortly after Alabama's win over Notre Dame in January, but that was a time when we were trying to ignore everything college football-related.

**Yes, if Auburn actually were to win the 2013 BCS championship, it would be the Tigers' second in four years. Considering how depressing it's been to be an Auburn fan over the last couple of years, it's kind of easy to forget how recently we were at the mountaintop.